Article 1: Name of Organization. In the case of Iran, where civil society is not yet mature, NGOs can have an important role in strengthening the foundations of an emergent civil society. Objectives of the society: … The issue of independence is an important one in the credibility of an NGO. Tel: 91 657 2902588 Mobile No: +91 9204515540 +91 9546777551 E-mail: The secretary in conjunction with all other officers shall then decide on the date of a meeting to discuss such proposals, giving at least four weeks (28 days) clear notice. PDF; Size: 96 KB. The Constitution shall at all times be the executive instrument by which disbursements will be made and all activities of the association organized. SAMPLE Constitution of an Islamic Society (Within a professional organisation or company) “O mankind ! The Zimbabwe Human Rights NGO Forum (the Forum) is a coalition of twenty-one NGOs in Zimbabwe. This organization will use the name or its acronym, XXXX, in all publicity materials and correspondence. Constitution and Bylaws of [NAME OF SOCIETY] Constitution . ARTICLE I Name The name of this organization shall be (New Student Organization Name), hereafter referred to as (NSO). NGO PROFILE PROFORMA 1. 2. Article 2: Objectives and Purposes. NGOs can be organized at a local, national or international level. No portion of the bodys income and property shall be paid or transferred directly or indirectly by way of dividend. The purpose of this organization is to _____. Constitution & Bye-Laws of SAMARTH (Registered under the registration of Societies Act XXII of 1995) RULES AND REGULATIONS BYE – LAWS OF SAMARTH SOCIETY 1. … Most funders want you to give them a copy of your organisation’s constitution before they will think about funding it. Contact Us. This sample is to help you think about your organization and its needs. Such a constitution must embody the prescriptions of the Second Schedule of the Non-Governmental Organization Regulations, 1992. The official name for this organization is the _____. In this way, your constitution guides its members on how the organisation will function. 2. PART 11: CONSTITUTION, DENOMINATION, REGISTRATION, HEAD OFFICE, AREA OF OPERATION. Article I: Name State the name Article II: Purpose What are the aims of the organization How will the organization function For whom does the organize exist Whom does it benefit Article III: Membership Examples of a constitution and bylaws of a university organization are available here. (c) The business of the A.G.M. The constitution may be amended only with the approval of two-thirds (2/3) majority of the total membership of the association at a special general meeting purposely called to discuss the proposed amendment. Thanks! Details. Having a clear set of By-Laws not only provides clarity to an NGO's structure and functioning, it also provides a basis for trustworthy relationships with other organizations and entities, and in building the NGO's identity. Learn more about us. This sample constitution is for illustrative purposes only. General Meetings of the Association may be conducted face-to-face or electronically which would allow members to be present and participate through electronic means. The text in RED is to provide discussion points as you draft your club’s constitution. The Forum’s activities include transitional justice work, research and documentation, and public interest litigation. MotoCMS has also a bunch of premium charity templates that are able to satisfy even the most demanding customer. 6.4.17 Decisions concerning changes to this constitution, or of dissolution and closing down of the organisation, shall only be dealt with in terms of clauses 9 and 10 of this constitution. Every day at wikiHow, we work hard to give you access to instructions and information that … 6.8 Records of meetings 6.4.18 Proper minutes and attendance records must be kept for all meetings of the organisation. They give counseling services to the physically, emotionally and sexually abused. Name of the NGO (Acronym ) KRITYANAND UNESCO CLUB , JAMSHEDPUR, (KNUC). OBJECTS The objectives of the Society are as set out below: (a) To perform works of charity-corporal, social and spiritual- and to that end. 9.4 Procedures at General Meetings: The Members may regulate their meetings and proceedings as it finds fit, subject to the following: a. Over the years, NGOs have provided services and processed donations for war and disaster-stricken communities. These examples should help you determine what type of language you should use for your own constitution and bylaws. Please, if you use any of the text in this example, be certain that you have removed any unwanted or informational text. A typical constitution addresses all aspects of the organization, purpose, functions, persons in charge and members. Proposals for amendments to this constitution, or dissolution must be delivered to the secretary in writing. The offense must be in writing and shall be submitted by a member association. Certain items, in italics, are required. All activities of this organization must be directed toward this purpose. Examples of nonprofit organizations constitution can provide a thorough understanding of how businesses are supposed to operate. CONSTITUTION OF EDUCATIONAL YOUTH EMPOWERMENT DEVELOPMENT ORGANISATION constitution says what your organisation does, how it will be structured, and how it will run. A Constitution for Incorporated Trustees is a set of rules and regulations regulating the affairs of an organization.This document simply specifies the manner in which the organization is run and managed.. 5.4 A minister has the right to terminate the pastoral tie at any time, provided he/she has given three months’ notice, in writing, to the Church Council. sample ngo constitution south africa PREAMBLE.In basic terms, a constitution is simply a set of written rules or an agreement. NGO/CBO Project Proposal Template (March 2008) Page 11 of 12 8.2 Products and services List of products and services provided to customers. SECTION 1 . The Association may alter the provision of its Constitution at a General meeting by a resolution passed by a simple majority of its members and approved by the Commission. However, whatever Constitution an NGO may adopt, should in principle provide sufficiently for Management and Structure, Accountability and Transparency in its operations. An NGO Board is a legal requirement in most countries in order to get it officially registered with the local authorities. Support wikiHow's Educational Mission. The constitution of a nonprofit organization specifies how the organization operates. Many NGOs stipulate that membership in a board is voluntary and non-remunerative 2 . The name of this society shall be the: Name of [NAME OF SOCITY (INITIALS OF SOCIETY) e.g. this Constitution. b) The organizations formed by elderly persons will have no less than 15 members. in the month of _____. Object . The Address of the Registered Office is at Old no: 11, New no 13 A, 4th Cross street, Indira Nagar, Adyar Chennai – 600 020 3. NGOs are components of social movements within a civil society. Download. Helpful 1 Not Helpful 0. ARTICLE 4: Constitution ARTICLE 5: Name of the Organization ARTICLE 6: Registration ARTICLE 7: Head office ARTICLE 8: Area of operation ARTICLE 9: Core values PART 111: VISION, MISSION, OBJECTIVES, PROTECTION OF THE ASSOCIATION ARTICLE 10: Vision statement PURPOSE. Name: The name of the association shall be ³_____ ´ here in after referred to as the ³SOCIETY ´. The constitution, much like a set of bylaws, outlines the rules the board of directors must follow. If you’re still confused regarding the concept or aspects of constitution-making for your non-profit organization, do not worry. Zimbabwe Human Rights NGO Forum 1 Raleigh Street, Suite 4 P O Box 9077 Harare, Zimbabwe Tel (+263)04-772-860 Fax … Board meetings are kept closed, though written proceedings, reports and minutes may be made public for transparency purposes. It includes the duties of each office bearer. Address 102/A, Kalpanapuri Adityapur Industrial Area Jamshedpur, 832109.India. Sample Charity Constitution Template. Surely, their amazing design for nonprofits and high functionality won’t leave you indifferent. Section B. Article 1 . They shall be registered and legally recognized by the government. They are very active in helping people even in the worst of their condition. PDF version of Sample Constitution > ARTICLE I. It is hard for NGOs not to come under any governmental influence. 2. The Chairperson shall chair all General Meetings. 1.01. Advertisement. constitution of UCCSA and the Regional Council of which it is a member. File Format. b. If free NGO templates are not enough to completely suit all your requirements don’t upset. Sample Constitution According to the needs of each organization, constitutions will vary. (In this constitution referred to as “the society”). 2.01. Sample constitution for small voluntary organisations Page 4 8 Annual General Meeting (a) The Group shall hold an Annual General Meeting (A.G.M.) SAMPLE CONSTITUTION AND BY-LAWS FOR UNIONS (PRIVATE SECTOR) NAME OF UNION C O N S T I T U T I O N P R E A M B L E WE, the employees of the _____, in order to promote our moral, social and economic well-being; protect and uphold our individual and collective rights, as well as foster harmonious and progressive labor management relations do hereby promulgate this CONSTITUTION. We create d you from a singl e (pair ) of a male and a female , and made you into nations and tribes , that ye may kno w eac h other (no t that ye may despi se (eac h other ).Veril y the mos t honour ed ofyou in the sight of Allah is (he who is) the most righteous of you. ARTICLE 13: SPECIAL CLAUSE (1) THE INCOME AND PROPERTY OF _____ shall be applied solely towards the promotion of the objective of the body as set forth in this RULES AND REGULATION/CONSTITUTION: and no portion … You may also see sample funding proposals. CONSTITUTION AND RULES 1. It is a legal document. It also details the duties and … The quorum for an AGM shall be ___ members. Voting is by ballot. This prototype constitution is for guidance only. c) Organizations of elderly persons should be governed by both young and older persons. 4. NAME. NGO Profile KRITYANAND UNESCO CLUB, JAMSHEDPUR, INDIA . (b) All members shall be given at least fourteen days’ notice of the A.G.M. 5.3 A minister is be elected by not less that three fourths of the members present at a Church Meeting convened for that purpose. Headquarters : The principal office of the society be at _____ 3. Sample Constitution PREAMBLE We, the members of (New Student Organization), to fully realize our purpose, do hereby adopt and establish this constitution as the guiding instrument of our organization. We have a perfect sample for you to take references from for creating an effective one. SAMPLE BYE LAWS OF SOCIETY/ NGO BYE LAW/ CONSTITUTION/ RULES & REGULATION OF _____ _____ _____ _____ 1. Section A. The name of the organization shall be _____. The constitution must state that the income and property of the association will be used to promote its objectives and will not be distributed to its members or office-bearers, except as reasonable compensation for their work. Name . What’s the difference between a constitution and by-laws? and shall be entitled to attend and vote. Sample NGO Action Plan Committee: NGO Forum Topic: Boys and Girls Education in Malawi Delegate: Sam Refuerzo, Montessori on the Lake Background of the Problem According to the 2010 Malawi Millennium Development Goals Report, Malawi will fail to achieve goals #2, universal primary education, and #3, gender equality. constitution of the network or for conduct that impairs the rights of other members associations to enjoy the benefits of the network. written constitution with clear objectives promoting the welfare of elderly persons. Area of operation : The area of operation shall be the State of Jammu & Kashmir. Have a look at some of them. A registered company adopt a written constitution as an agreement where people.main object as set forth in this Constitution. Alteration of the Constitution. (The "Organization"). SAMPLE CONSTITUTION The constitution of an organization contains the rules that govern the actions and activities of the group. NAME AND PURPOSE. The name of the Society shall be Samarth society 2. NAME The name of the society shall be Carmelites of Mary Immaculate. Jamesville Fish Society (JFS)] SECTION 2 .