Model Constitution Company Constitution of [Insert Company Name] (Company) Adopted on / / 20 Note 1: This is a model form of constitution which has been prepared for private companies limited by shares. Constitutions. Constitution Microsoft Word templates are ready to use and print. A constitution is a set of standards or principles by which an organization, such as a government, is to be governed. Article I: Name State the name Article II: Purpose What are the aims of the organization How will the organization function For whom does the organize exist Whom does it benefit Article III: Membership They did not like the way the country was going. Each club should carefully consider the most appropriate constitution for its particular circumstances. Template Collection Network Solutions protects your online transactions with secure SSL encryption. On Using the US Constitution as a Model Yes, the US Constitution has been the most successful such document in human history. An interim constitution was first drafted as the country made its transition from apartheid to democracy. Inconsistency between Constitution and Act If there is any inconsistency between this Constitution and the Act, the Act prevails. It should include a preamble to explain what your country is about and directions for setting everything up. PART 11: CONSTITUTION, DENOMINATION, REGISTRATION, HEAD OFFICE, AREA OF OPERATION. As things were beginning to break up and delegates return home to their states, Franklin challenged them and called them to prayer. constitution should establish how often meetings will take place. Constitutions play a key role at different times in the organisation's life: When you start an organisation, the process of developing a constitution helps members to develop clear agreements about the purpose of the organisation and how it will work. A step-by-step guide to writing a constitution for a small community group. The pictures from the political history, faces of popular political leaders, demonstrations, armed conflicts and peace-keeping operations, political maps, all of these and much more can be found in our vast collection of PowerPoint images. Example Club Constitution APPENDIX 8: i. Club name and a!liation The Club will be called (name of Club), and will be a!liated to Disability Sport Wales/Local Authority/National Governing Body of the sport (delete as relevant). The Constitution was written in 1787. To assist sporting bodies develop useful and effective constitutions, the Office of Sport developed a series of model sports constitution templates. We have pictures of the Constitution on this site. It provides maximum flexibility in the management and administration of companies. Appoint committee chairpersons b. SAMPLE CONSTITUTION The constitution of an organization contains the rules that govern the actions and activities of the group. This template provides a constitution for a cricket club. We need a constitution to govern a country properly.II. The constitution defines the nature of political system of a country.III. Rule of Law in the Constitution 1448 Words | 6 Pages. Jump to navigation Jump to search. 8. Once you have developed the constitution and bylaws, review them often. ; Associations can either adopt or amend the Model Rules. Template:Infobox country. 7.03. These templates are used by schools for inviting applications different clubs that may include sports club, poetry club, hobby club, music and arts club and many more. (2) If the Constitution is altered, the public officer must ensure compliance with section 23 of Read More. The needs of your group will change over time and it’s important that the constitution and bylaws are kept up to date to reflect the You can also decide whether or not to include a written bill of rights to protect your people’s rights. Parameter syntax and examples are detailed in the collapsed sections immediately below. They fixed it by creating the Constitution. a. In 1787, a group of men met to write the Constitution. Buy, Sell, and Trade your Firearms and Gear. The following is a list of existing national constitutions by country, semi-recognized countries, and by codification.It excludes those such as the Polish Constitution of 1791 and the Spanish Constitution of 1812 (constitutions that once existed but were later repealed).