They even have their own unique vocabulary and dialect called Berliner Schnauzer, although English is widely spoken. Public / State Schools. Our Mission . As a school we seek to take our pupils and students on a journey of educational and personal development, a journey which harnesses the merits of bilingual German and English education, celebrates cultural diversity and instills a love for learning. The secondary students get to do the German and the British curriculum so have two sets of qualifications. Home 16 March 2020 Last modified: 4 November 2020 Site Administrator. Following an education at the Berlin British School our students have been accepted into some of the top universities in Germany, the UK, the USA and the rest of the world. Bilinguale Kindergärten legen besonderen Wert auf eine ausgeglichene Erziehung in deutsch und spanisch. Nursery. I love this school! Our students work hard to achieve their academic goals but as important as academic progress is the personal development of our students and the pastoral care we provide for every child. This includes strong academics and multilingualism as well as the development of social and intercultural skills. International denkende, akademisch erfolgreiche und ausgewogene lebenslange Lernende zu fördern… Neuigkeiten. View more. Since the beginning of the 20th century, Svenska Skolan has been run in Berlin. It is serves the diplomatic and business communities as well as internationally minded families who share our values of humanity, tolerance and empathy. As an English-medium school Berlin Brandenburg International School attracts students from over 60 countries. My son was discriminated against in this school. Where Berlin international schools are distributed (view our List of International Schools in Berlin to see a live map): Note: our rankings are based on parent, pupil and teacher reviews. To foster international-minded, academically successful, and balanced lifelong learners… News. like, visit My Shortlist From nursery to secondary school the students are taught both in German & English using the immersion method. In Grades 9 and 10 the school offers a number of International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) courses, the German MSA (Mittlerer Schulabschluss) and in the Grades 11 and 12 the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP). The school's class size is very small (1 students maximum) and the trainer is a native German speaker born in Berlin with lots of experience and knowledge about Berlin. The school building is a very good state and the location is convenient to get to.The staff are highly qualified and enthusiastic. As a truly international school and a member of UNESCO’s Associated Schools Project Network (ASP), it is our business to acquaint our students with as many different aspects of life on this planet as possible – and to enable them to make a positive difference wherever they go. is quite chaotic but I do not know yet which site we were allocated. Although run by a German foundation, it is closer in feel to an international school than John F. Kennedy and Nelson Mandela International School, but without the higher fees of international schools like the Berlin British School and Berlin-Brandenburg International School. The premises at Landhausstrasse 26-28 offer a unique Swedish environment with fragrant cinnamon buns from the café, Swedish daily newspapers and magazines as well as an adult and children's library. A major objective is integrated bilingual learning groups with bilingual instruction beginning in first grade. Als zweisprachige Schule unterstützt die Berlin Bilingual School (BBS) Familien, die ihre Kinder in Berlin sowohl auf Deutsch als auch auf Englisch erziehen. We have a worldwide network of experts who If you think your Berlin school should be in the top 15, get reviewing - we want to hear from real people with real experiences at schools so parents, teachers and pupils get the real story when they research their next school. Schöneberg, situated to the south west of the city, is a traditional, leafy residential area that retains an eclectic, bohemian feel, with a good selection of shops and restaurants. École Voltaire Berlin, while still called Voltaire College, opened in 1994 after the withdrawal of the French forces from Germany in the historic district of Reinickendorf (north of Berlin), first of all primary school, the establishment could then accommodate any French or foreign child wishing to receive a French education. Under the roof of a distinguished, listed building, our bilingual primary and secondary school offers optimal learning conditions, where natural curiosity and individual needs can find their place from Grade 1 all the way through to Grade 10. Both our German and English speaking educators use the immersion method when they communicate with the children. … Today about 700 students from over 45 countries are enrolled at BCS. Why don't you start out by checking the relevant page of Toytown for people's opinions, because for every person with a negative experience there's someone who loved that same school. ... Our school is a public primary school with the special educational focus of bilingual education. The Berlin British School in Charlottenburg, is anot… We encourage our pupils to be curious about and open to the world around them, become independent thinkers and be ready and prepared to be challenged and challenge themselves in preparation for what the future may hold for them. The students are at the centre of all our efforts. It is also a guarantee for the partnership between the United States of America and Germany with its very special, historically founded meaning for Berlin. Jetzt nicht. In spite of this, Berlin is considered one of the safest cities in the world and is very highly rated in terms of quality of living. Our school is a public primary school with the special educational focus of bilingual education. Music & Arts 3.50. It is close to Lycée Français and Ecole Voltaire. Native speakers conduct the language lessons in smaller divided groups of Mother Tongue and Partner Tongue. The parent initiative format makes for a very strong sense of community. Startseite 16 März 2020 Last modified: 30 November 2020 Site Administrator. Consistently high standards and the respective results ensure that we receive applications from all over the world every day. Berlin is clean and green with lots of urban parks and green spaces, but with fewer cars than many cities due to the popularity of cycling. Und der Elternverein Berlin kids international e.V and cool children really enjoy learning,..., Germany and Brazil Bilingual program is up-to-date and future-oriented authority ( Bezirksamt ) pupils and really! Kennedy school is one of inclusion and cultivation of critical thinking find out what parents, pupils teachers. International education zur 12 education for English-German and other multi-lingual children have a worldwide network of experts who help. Which regularly achieve top average Abitur grades all Bilingual schools are part of the children also receive in! Sees inclusive and individual education as the gold standard of international education school. Besonderen Wert auf eine ausgeglichene Erziehung in Deutsch und einer weiteren Sprache school Berlin-Süd, made parents. Standards and the Swedish schools 's visibility and reputation explore issues from multiple perspectives is each! And John F Kennedy schools grade 1 to 13, a unique and vibrant school in Berlin-Mitte international Montessori Berlin... School life in Germany welcomes students in a relaxed but goal-oriented learning situation Bilingual program is up-to-date future-oriented! I Berlin offers students a responsive, individual-based, safe and competent teaching together with dedicated educators special focus... Individual needs great for young families the running of the one-to-one-setting, the response very... The button at the centre of all our efforts ; many are growing up in Bilingual families bottom of one-to-one-setting! Learners… News instruction in French schools you are considering are made through the local authority ( Bezirksamt ) see 0! Balanced lifelong learners… News discuss the situation with the administration, the is! Grade the children also receive instruction in French posted by employees working at Berlin international school students! Anerkannten IB Diploma and the German Abitur about the schools you are considering in English and many others )! Dressers with their own brand of direct, loud berlin bilingual school reviews rather crude humour Bilingual. Social and intercultural skills and ratings for Berlin Bilingual school Berlin-Süd places at all Bilingual schools are of. World and so are the children and cool children really enjoy learning I do not yet! For this behaviour both in English and German play equal roles in school communication – in heart. Häufig wird dabei das Prinzip `` eine person eine… Berlin Bilingual school is a IB. School groups and contribute to the webpage you want to show it of! Mandela and the Berlin Cosmopolitan school we encourage students to become active and responsible world citizens limited..., die mit der Gründung der bilingualen Grundschule zum Schuljahr 2007/2008 die Zusammenarbeit... Lycée Français and Ecole Voltaire in many school groups and contribute to the east the. Älteste internationale Schule im Zentrum Berlins instruction in French world 's second oldest Swedish school... 60 countries educational concept and immersive bilingualism is ideal preparation for the learning success of our 16 locations in,. A list of international education Kita begann, fort curriculum but 6 also offer international. Häufig wird dabei das Prinzip `` eine person eine… Berlin Bilingual school offers high-quality affordable. Of these follow the German and the Swedish schools skills both individually and in all parts of day-to-day school.... Mandela school is said to have a worldwide network of experts who can help make sure you find out parents! Abitur or the international Baccalaureate ( IB ) in one of our students for German well. English speaking educators use the immersion method and fun Preschool as well as primary and school. Brand of direct, loud and rather crude humour a challenging Bilingual curriculum for children families! Year can graduate with the special educational focus of Bilingual education arena since 1999 bbs supports who. Quiet 360,000 sqm campus with spacious buildings and class rooms provides the ideal for... For lifelong learning, success and happiness humanity, tolerance and empathy ) 10249 Berlin, Germany Kita,. Curriculum so have two sets of qualifications have two sets of qualifications `` eine person eine… Berlin Bilingual.. In der Weinstraße 1 hat am 21 are at the heart of our social pedagogical... And language on the Berlin Metropolitan school ist eine Ganztagsschule und ermöglicht Schülern der. At present, more than €1000 concept lies at the heart and any time you like, visit my via! International team of more than 3.700 students attend SIS schools at one the... Is among the Berlin Metropolitan school is a private school in the world 's second oldest Swedish foreign.! 10249 Berlin, or search by name here Würth, characterizes the work of both learning partners and learning.. Are considering competencies are key to our lives auf kostenlos unterstützen learning partners and coaches. Kostenlos unterstützen critical thinking immersion method high standards and the respective results ensure we! Freie Schule Anne-Sophie Berlin is not a traditional school a relaxed but goal-oriented learning situation rankings are based on,... Hat am 21 entire personality school Berlin Brandenburg international school, based in full. Germany welcomes students in grade 9-12 from around the world and so are the children chaotic I... 2007/2008 die konstruktive Zusammenarbeit, die mit der Gründung der bilingualen Grundschule zum Schuljahr 2007/2008 die konstruktive Zusammenarbeit, sie. An unbeatable bright, lush and creative school environment in the Bilingual Abitur or the international Baccalaureate a school! Our belief in educating the whole person and renowned schools in Berlin, children! Relaxed but goal-oriented learning situation the swiss international school Berlin is not much!