Price: SiteCore''s licensing fee starts at $40,000 and is another $8,000 for each additional year. Sitecore is a robust, long-term solution. 2 Sitecore CMS hasn't got a lead over Drupal 7 in any websites category. If you have a sufficiently staffed digital marketing team with the right mindset and knowhow to really take advantage of its testing and optimization features, it can be a very powerful tool. hbspt.forms.create({ Drupal has a plenitude of hosting options at virtually every price point.. Its suite of marketing tools is what really what elevates the .NET platform into leagues above Drupal. Drupal has the great advantage of a community that can build out and release whatever they want, however they want, whereas Sitecore’s setup is more controlled. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. Drupal vs Sitecore vs WordPress: Which Should I Choose in 2020? portalId: "3004928", The challenge you face as a PM is sifting through what you don’t need, and finding the right solution for your client’s business goals and user’s needs. There are a number of significant differences between the platforms, which makes them each better for certain use cases. It's a trivial effort to pull the building blocks out of the box and assemble a site – you get more room to be original that way. Whether it is Top 1 million sites, Top 100k sites or the top 10k sites, Drupal has a lead over Sitecore. “I was recently invited to facilitate some DAM events, and integration is the top question.” --CMSWire. But with good reason.