Your hook bait will also play a massive part when choosing your hook size. Choosing the right hook size is something to never overlook before surf fishing. Heavy-duty 2-hook rig for targeting porgies Usually these will be mixed in with sea bass and fluke, depending on the location and time of year you are fishing. 2-Hook Porgy Rig (PR2040-4) by Hurricane®. The most common use would be 6 - 8 for fishing on the bottom with say the knotless knot rig. Prime. I ordered 3 more sets this week but I received black Flounder hooks size 6 instead. This fluke rig was popular from shore and small boats in the sandy rips around Nantucket in the past, and still works to this day. wire leader. It will meet your needs and deliver great quality at an affordable cost. This product is made of high-quality materials to serve you for years to come. 4.5 out of 5 stars In fast flowing waters, heavier sinkers may be needed to keep the bait in the target area long enough to be noticed by a fish. | Browse our daily deals for even more savings! The porgy rig is very effective on porgies, snapper, grunts and any other medium-sized fish that school up near the bottom. Code: RIG112. A typical high/low rig works well in most situations, with snelled hooks tied 8 inches apart above the sinker. You wouldn’t, for instance, use a size 4 hook with a 10mm boilie. When they reach the surface, they should be lifted into the boat by lowering the rod tip to within one foot of the water, then with one motion lifting the fish out of the water, over the rail, and into the boat. Porgy Rig – Double Hook Style $ 2.99 $ 1.99; Porgy can be caught on ledges, rocky bottoms, slopes and reefs. On days when the fish prove picky, you might want to switch over to a hi-low rig. Porgies are scrappy fish that can snatch the bait without taking the hook. Curious to hear what other use. Whether it is size, fit, style, fit or color we'll accept it, exchange it or return it, as long as the item(s) are in new condition just how we sent them out. Hurricane 145525-Maurice Hr Porgy 2Hook Rig Sz 2: Sports, Fitness & Outdoors. This rig does a great job of riding without tangles, even in 100-foot depths. Quantity in Basket: None. Contrary to general thought, it’s not always good to load up gobs of bait on the hook. Final word. I ordered these gold Porgy size 6 hooks 3 weeks ago no problem. Custom (Default) No Avatars . FOOD VALUE: Good but bony. Fin Strike 460 Porgy Rig (Size 4 Hooks) Gold Baitholder Hooks, Red Beads, 18 Inch Coated Stainless Steel Wire, 2 Wire Arms, Swivel, Sinker Snap, 1 Rig per Pack All Hello, Sign in. Porgy Rig – Single Hook Style $ 2.99 $ 1.99. 12" Monofilament rig with dual lock snap, 3-way swivel and red beads. Hook the porgy by slowly raising the rod about 3 ft (0.91 m). mono leader. Prime. All Hello, Sign in. However, the Silver Porgy's spot is both lighter and proportionately smaller. Fish this rig on a tight line at a 45-degree angle and the higher hook with the Gulp! Link to post Share on other sites. swivel: Habitat FIN STRIKE TWO HOOK PORGY RIG-Size 4-12 Per Pack-461-4 $15.99 RIG112: FIN STRIKE TWO HOOK PORGY RIG-Size 6-3 Per Pack-461 6 $4.79 RIG11212: FIN STRIKE TWO HOOK PORGY RIG-Size 6-12 Per Pack-461 6 $15.99 RIGPPG0113: Fin Strike Pro-Series, Porgy Rig, #PPG011, 3 Rigs … BST Users 17,227 posts ... Porgy hook questions Theme . Part#: L905. Post by PhishingPhanatic » Fri Oct 30, 2009 2:48 am Go with the size 3, don't get the cheap ones in the 99cent bin, they have these big plastic beads on them and don't work for pilchards. Hurricane Twin Hook Size 2 PR2040-2 Porgy Rig 20" 40Lb Monofilament. Add your own bells and whistles such as red, orange or green beads just above the hook eye as porgies really key in on the shape and color. When party boat fishing this time of the year what hook do you use? They tend to vary in size from 2 - 12 where the larger the number the smaller the hook. SKU. Bait Up. Porgy Rig. braid: Rig: 2/0 J hook hi/lo rig of 30 lb. Approximate leader length: 15". Heavy-duty rig for targeting porgies and other bottom dwellers. I tend to try and match my hook bait, in this case, a boilie, to the size of the hook. | Free shipping on many items! It will meet your needs and deliver great quality at an affordable cost. Other anglers have success with a fish-finder rig: two snelled hooks tied about 8 inches apart on a short, 30- to 50-pound leader fastened to a swivel below a sliding sinker, which slides on the main line. 0. Designed using state-of-the-art technology and with customers in mind. Porgy can be caught on ledges, rocky bottoms, slopes and reefs. Try. Hopkins Surf Rig. Essential for targeting porgies; Premium hand-tied 2-hook rig; Quality Mustad gold baitholder hooks I would have contacted seller directly but there was no link. Triet Way too many! Skip to main Hurricane 145526-Maurice Sz 4 Hr Porgy 2Hook Rig: Sports, Fitness & Outdoors. Size / Creel Limit: 10" / 30 September 1 - October 31: 10" / 45 (party/charter boats only) Equipment: 6’6” - 7'0" light / fast action rod, conventional or spinning reel spooled with 20lb test mono or 15 lb. The Tide Rite Beaded Baitholder Porgy Rig features 2 Mustad® gold baitholder hooks with attractor beads, tied on a 30-lb.