Unlike traditional tanks, we don’t make the mistake of wrapping ourselves in cumbersome metal; that’s for amateurs. 27d6+24d8+4d10+154 (giant subterranean lizard / 24 raptors), 10: 385.50 This means, for example, there is no mechanic for a mastiff to bite a human to hold them in place, even though that’s something real dogs are very good at. If you want lots of bodies on the field. After much tinkering, I settled upon three classes with both mechanical and story synergy: warlock, sorcerer, and cleric. You are using resources with the defensive flourish would run out in 5 turns. This cost concern is eliminated once wish is acquired. I’m aware of the sage advice on the topic but that is not an official ruling. However, if your GM allows it I believe Tunnel Fighting is incredibly good so it could definitely be worth grabbing. your damage shows. The druid can assume these shapes twice per short rest, meaning they will likely have the ability to wildshape in every fight. Outflank is a must as well, Dodge is decent, Piranha Strike and Combat Expertise don't seem very good but I've seen people recommend them so maybe they're fine. 20: 155.87 Your build lacks the strength 13 for chain mail and 15 for splint/plate. Ah, that would make sense. My copy shows it as a cleric spell only. Wear light armor if you see you're medium encumbered. Magus, Monk, Bard and Thug Rogues are all better. I could be wrong but there is no such requirement for the spell Conjure Animals. I would think letting a bear grapple like a PC is well within the intent of these rules. You can even take opportunity attacks against ‘friendly’ targets that try to move away from your reach who are not disengaging, right? On its own this is not particularly powerful, but when combined with beast-form strength scores and attacks with auto grapples, our druid gains a large amount of battlefield control and helps solve the build’s biggest problem. Happens to all of us, there’s a lot of rules to remember =). You are feat starved and the extra feat really helps. What am I missing on the Grapple bear’s damage once it gets conjure animals? Obviously Blur is far more powerful, but for the levels I will be using it (before SG at Sorc 5, 6 overall), SoF seems plenty powerful and might last multiple encounters, thereby further increasing its economy. If you do end using staves they can count as your arcane focus and fulfill the hand requirement as your focus holding hand can also be used for somatic components. Does that answer your question? If that’s not allowed at your table the staff’s innate spells, such as passwall are incredibly good out of combat abilities. what do you think? I see a lot of folks suggesting you just target others to avoid the DISADV, but if anyone is within 5 feet of you (that is hostile) they give the DISADV on any ranged attack made on anyone. When they crit, you use (psychic blades) bardic inspire for 8d6 (doubled = 16d6) damage on top of the +20 from sharpshooter and +10 from dex. +1: 39.25 After reading through the forums at paizo.com you’ll reach a point when you’ll really want to know what all those builds are that they are talking about. 4d6+8d8+20d12+64 (x3 rapier / tenser’s transformation / simulacrum / song of victory / find greater steed (wish)), 10: 212.59 Your link to the divine allows you to learn spells from the cleric class. and free sneak attacks for 1 minute – this also guarantees critical strikes on any attack that lands, thanks to Assassinate. The capstone for wizards is bad, so we don’t lose a lot by multiclassing to pick up a specific level 1 feature, but which class and when to take the level has been tough to nail down. Bladesinger doesn’t have that issue; it just stacks on top of whatever was already there. Really like your builds. As far as go-to round-to-round damage abilities go, the way SG is usually used, it is both powerful and consistent. Fantasy & Science Fiction for Storytellers. Haste is a great work-a-day combat buff that replaces Shadowblade as our primary concentration spell. I’ll check back in here to see your success or share the solution, but I have faith that the sharing will not be required. Treat your friends to an evening of dark ritual murder. I did not know that as long as I hit 4th level, even as a Bard, that the Sharpshooter feat would be available to me. Great article! https://5e.tools/bestiary.html#giant%20subterranean%20lizard_tftyp. I think Simulacrum is truly broken though so once that spell becomes available I think it all goes out the window. 20: 169.31 If fighting a boss cast SG as an action and activate Hexblade’s Curse using a bonus action. It’s very cheap and eliminates movement penalties. That way there is no disadvantage to attack rolls, etc. Thanks. Quick questions regarding specifically the Bardcher: is the DPR adjusted with the corrections read on the comments regarding Tense’rs Transformation? I really hope, you’ll do some more of those posts. If your GM allows it to be used after EB then yes it would be a decent use for your bonus action. i would think that twinned is nice, since you already are a concentration master, so twinning haste or greater invisibility would be great. Wizards, Rangers, Witches etc get the animal companion automatically. Or even the level … RAW you can’t shove using the shield master feat unless you take the Attack action, which this build never does. The second build is amazing for clearing out monsters. Raptor CR is 1/4 which is why you get 8 of them see Volos book for that info. I hope to cover a paladin build in an eventual followup to this article, cause they are awesome. Reaction of Shield or Absorb Elements. They critical 10% of the time (auto-hit for double damage) – so you’ll average 2 criticals every 5 rounds. i have no idea what i’m talking about obviously. 15: 326.12 One minor note: I think that strictly speaking your angry wizard shouldn’t be able to cast spells while dual-wielding if they don’t have warcaster, but the rules about drawing weapons are so vague and confusing that you could probably just sheathe and unsheathe your sword every turn or something silly like that. 25: 86.23, 4d6+8d8+20d12+64 (x3 rapier / Tenser’s Transformation / Simulacrum / Song of Victory / Find Greater Steed (Wish)), 10: 196.63 The exact abilities we’re stacking are Mage Armor, Bladesinger, Dual Wielding, the Shield spell, Haste, and 20s in both intelligence and dexterity. Your patronage allows us to do what we love. 25: 113.22. TLDR- IT’S AWESOME! I’d have to do quite a bit of math but I’m still not entirely convinced that this gives as much burst damage output as a paladin, particularly a Vengeance Paladin who gets Hunter’s Mark early and Haste later on, though it would definitely be hampered by fewer spell slots. Would Spirit Guardians then be shareable with a Find Steed mount to double the damage? Wouldn’t the bard build lose a large amount of damage to any creature with hands that is able to remove the heated bolt? The rules on doubling auras is a bit hazy in 5e. Normally this pull can simply be used to keep enemies away from our squishier teammates, but when combined with Spirit Guardians, it allows us to trigger the aura damage twice on one target per round, as damage is first triggered when the creature is dragged into the aura and again when the creature begins its turn inside the aura we dragged it into. Arcane Trickster is inherently a multi-class and it has an extremely high DPS right now. Hi Ari, these are great! Great ideas. 15: 18.67 +2: 47.13, 10: 41.00 A Quick Guide to Pathfinder Sorcerers: Gods Don't Need Spellbooks (Core, APG, UM, UC) (Recovered Build Page) (2013) Magic in the Blood: A guide to Eldritch Heritage and Sorcerer Bloodlines (Core, APG, ARG, UM, UC) [ Discussion ] (2015) Hello, all. ... Do note that with the Animal Domain you get your companion at level 4, and you need to take the Boon Companion feat at level 5. I believe that gives even more AC, too? Looks like a copying error, thanks for pointing it out. Level 1 presents us with multiple combat options to suit the situation. You never mentioned strength for the stats. I was lucky enough to get a Staff of Defense around Lvl 4. The arcanist has a strange “prepared spontaneous” spellcasting scheme, but it’s highly advantageous. 25: 5.72, 10: 46.25 Once heat metal becomes an option there are a few levels where using our bonus action for that free damage + the larger damage dice of the heavy crossbow beats out the hand crossbow’s extra attack. 25: 107.44. Ari can correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe that with Animate Object, you don’t have to spend a bonus action every round. -1: 23.50 hold person… you should have taken counterspell or the resilient feat for wisdom if you’re really powergaming… IMHO. Damn you are right. My understanding is that that is not a legal interaction, at least not according to these sources. The spell is a little vague, so your DM may disagree, but this is the relevant text: “You decide what action the creature will take and where it will move during its next turn, or you can issue a general command, such as to guard a particular chamber or corridor. Build Basics This build is a Dark Runner / Fossil Farmer. For all your back stabbing needs. I hadn’t thought of Armor of Agathys, but you’re right it’s a good way to spend some lower level spell slots and combos well with blade ward. :D. Oh forgot, a build for val as my tank that is working great, is get her a level at least in monk. Seems like pretty week benefits from the fighter. I believe it’s called eldritch armor in the “Class Variants UA. 20: 15.43 Tenser’s bonus 3*2d12 = 6d12 Am I missing where the +2ac is coming from? None of these come even close to the upside of doubling everything the build could previously do. 20: 12.68 I hope you double check the math for the damage because I would like to understand it. That last level could easily be warlock if you wanted. With your build you’ll probably want a second front line since you’ll be less resilient, but I think it would work great as a second tank. Going pure bard is definitely an option, but you will be doing quite a bit less crossbow damage without the archery fighting style. This build needs at least two feats before its damage potential really starts to show through. Animate Objects is another extremely powerful option: once summoned, 10 animated bolts provides 10d4 + 40 worth of damage a round, damage that requires at most a bonus action to activate. 25: 32.46, 6d8+12d12+20 (x3 rapier / Tenser’s Transformation / Simulacrum), 10: 134.93 That being said, I used to play clerics religiously... if you'll pardon the pun. The only downsides to this are that the spell costs 1,500 gold to cast, the copy doesn’t regain spell slots, and it has half the health of the original. +0: 22.80 15: 437.98 It would allow you to exclusively focus on CON/CHA (DEX 14 with a breastplate + shield is still decent AC). Yes, the Life Domain (Cleric choice) gives you Heavy Armour at 1st level (the only level we take). 15: 256.91 I don’t believe I ever mentioned using both polymorph and conjure animals at the same time. Starting Stats: Cha & Con 16; Wis 13; Dex 12; Str & Int 8. You can’t multi into “or out of” monk without Wis 13. Your grapple build looks like a ton of fun, I’ve never tried grappling in wildshape! Correct me if I’m missing something in the section where you start using Animate Objects. Strong extra healing, and summoned animals nat. Bite -1: 52.62 If needed use reaction for the shield/absorb elements spell. Spirit Guardians creates a 15-foot area around the caster that damages and slows enemies attempting to enter or stay inside it. There are a list of assumed seen animals by lvl 2 based on background in the Xanathars book. It’s true that shoving someone prone while grappled can be quite good, it does eat another action which is a pretty steep cost IMO. Polymorph is used as another powerful combat option instead of conjure animals. It’s always good to check with the GM about what they’ll allow, I’ve never heard of someone saying a bear can’t grapple, but you never know =). And the Resilient Feats get stronger as you level and your proficiency bonus gets higher. If you issue no commands, the creature only defends itself against hostile creatures. In rare cases I think twin haste/poly/enlarge could be a massive tactical advantage. Here’s the hint that gives away the answer: Unlike most AOE spells in 5e where point of origin can occur within the Range of the spell, SG’s point of origin is Self and the Range is the size of the AOE! These mechanics allow players to explore their class and create some fun roleplaying potential that goes beyond a simple roll of the die. The game is similar to classic RPG games such as Baldur's Gate and Neverwinter Nights. Best level 1 spells: Bless > Cure Light Wounds > Shield of Faith > Bane. Even Tenser’s Transformation has a 50+% chance of going poof if you take a half-decent hit. Umm, I would say that bardcher still wins out. They are real good for arcane tricksters and eldritch knights though. With the Grasp of Hadar invocation on Eldritch Blast you can drag an enemy into Spirit Guardians, this counts as them “entering it for the first time”, then they start their turn within the aura, triggering it for a second time that round. You would have to Start as a Monk and Cross into Wizard. Having +1 AC and 3-5 extra Shield casts has been pretty cool. Even with a hand crossbow, you’ll need a spare hand to load it. I'm interested in hearing all sorts of Healer concepts and builds, so I don't want to restrict it more than that. Hi, there! In my experience with the build you spend most of your time targeting creatures that are farther than 5ft away from you and let spirit guardians handle the melee enemies. Also you’d need a free hand, Warcaster, or to be very careful with your spells. Level 4 - Sorcerer 4: Ability Score - Cha 1; Skills - Lore: Religion 1, Knowledge: Arcana 1, Persuasion 1; Spell - a) Create Pit or b) Web (2). Great builds, keep up the good work, and well met! Replacing quicken with twin is certainly a viable choice, I didn’t pick it simply because the build is almost exclusively casting spirit guardians, which can’t be twinned, you make a good point about spiritual weapon though. Bonus points for lvl 10 versions and multi-classes !! The system, Rising Tide: A Dark Seas Expansion for Torchbearer, Six Forms of Transit That Can Replace the Mount, 233 – Healthy Magic School Learning Environments, What The Black Company Teaches Us About Dark Stories. if your CR with a moon druid does not go to 2 until 6 how are you wild shaping into a cave bear at lvl 5? Not only does this allow our druid to do much more damage, but it also keeps that pair of rowdy orcs safely away from our casters by “carefully” holding each one in our giant scorpion pincers. 147): “You can fire only one piece of ammunition from it when you use an action… regardless of the number of attackes you can normally make.”. I support a limited subset of Pathfinder's rules content.If you would like help with Pathfinder player options not covered here, please email me and I am happy to provide additional assistance.. RPGBOT uses the color coding scheme which has become common among Pathfinder build handbooks. Honestly a good old pure class ranged ranger is the best for me, yeah if youlimit yourself to companions and not taking extra mercenaries then going double ranger with ekun is one of the best setup, I like to multiclass with sacred huntsmaster 8 for teamwork feats for pet and greater domain power. You are correct that Wall of Fire and Sickening Radiance do more damage than a 4th level SG, although SR is a save-or-suck spell. I suspect most of my quibbles are based mostly on differences in the types of campaigns I play in (or, more commonly, DM). We also have access to Toll the Dead, Fire Bolt, or a longbow for ranged damage options. a bear does 15: 42.89 Which spell we choose to use is based on how important we think the fight is. Pathfinder Paladin Archer Guide (1 st – 13 th Level) Archetype:Divine Hunter – You get Precise for free. Once given an order, the creature continues to follow it until its task is complete.”. Then the raptors if they are from Volos guide to monstersis. Earth tremor, tidal wave, etc. “Multi-attack” is a special action monsters get. 25: 17.40. Or am I misunderstanding something about Animate Objects where they can attack on their own without having to command them each turn using a bonus action? How is this possible? 25: 73.99, 6d8+12d12+38 (x3 rapier / Tenser’s Transformation / Simulacrum / Song of Victory), 10: 152.88 i am looking into details with both builds, and if sneak attack doesnt work with the weapons i listed, you can edit them (longsword would be preferred secondary weapon after greataxe, if not, then shortsword). Levels 1–5 are spent as a normal sorcerer. 20: 15.07 Simulacrum, on the other hand, is a game changer. I’ve also seen people say that no matter what they don’t stack, and people who say they stack just fine. A Vivisectionist is best when you have a single difficult fight that you're well-rested for. 20: 182.53 Maybe not the best choice. 20: 60.63 The result is the strongest archer build I have ever seen. If your GM follows this reading of the spell then the build does significantly less damage, but I’ve seen it fall the other way enough that I don’t think it’s a huge assumption. But I just need her to get smacked around a bit. Shapechange is an incredibly fun and powerful spell that lets us turn into little things like demi liches or ancient white dragons; no matter how you slice it, the power and utility provided by this spell cannot be denied. If you’re really concerned you can always opt to not put a concentration spell up, the build does just fine without casting any spells. Monster Tactician can take the animal domain, which will also give pets. Levels 12-19 grant us a steady increase in power, with spells like Simulacrum and Shapechange standing out as both fun and powerful additions to our toolbox. The archetype is a no brainer for the Paladin Archer who is not going to focus on maximizing Smite attacks. One way to manage this is through the drop staff, fire crossbow, pick staff up. However, as is D&D tradition, anything a martial character can do, a caster can almost certainly do better. Vivisectionist is definitely not 'the best tank'. If you somehow surprise the creature, double almost everything again for Death Strike. The damage does not seem to make sense and the primal attack is added at level 5 and 6 when it is added at 6 in guides. Posted by 2 years ago. (https://media.wizards.com/2017/dnd/downloads/SA-Compendium.pdf). Simulacrum is expensive, but a high level character should have enough money to cast it at least once and the ranged build is safe enough that it shouldn’t have to recast the spell too often. I’m not at this point in the build yet, but I am currently planning to only take 3 levels of Warlock. 20: 11.03 Sounds like a good build, there’s definitely a lot of flexibility to be found with a bardcher type build. -1: 11.40 If you’re getting consistent advantage on attacks, you can also be an elf race and take Elven Accuracy for 3 rolls per attack to really up the crit rate. So I am playing this Holy Avenger build in Adventure League. 146): “you need a free hand to load a one-handed weapon”. I’m surprised That your build passes up a second fighter level which would allow you to get Action Surge- Arguably the fighter’s best ability. How do you use Heat Metal with the crossbow? Enora is Pathfinder's iconic halfling Arcanist. Unfortunate, because getting dex dmg bonus on dual-wielding staves is kinda sick idea. I will start one this week. I looked at rogue levels, but getting high level bard spells added way more damage. Max damage is 364, death strike would be 692 (poison does not double) or it is at max 364 with 2 legendary saves burned, since death strike is a Con save as well. Thanks =). Genius! +0: 59.80 Melee Weapon Attack: +7 to hit, reach 5 ft., one target. Thanks for this, I was considering on my next playthtough to either be a ranged healer, or a summoner/evoc wizard. +1: 31.37 The hexblade is great though, many of my builds make use of it for dipping 1-3 levels. Great weapon fighter/polearm master is a good combination, as with the paladin I hope to cover a character that makes use of it. I am not including any of these items in my damage calculations. Inspired by This thread, and the link to This 3.5 thread, I think it would be great to compile a similar list of builds for Pathfinder. Tenser’s provides many combat benefits, the best of which are an additional 2d12 on each damage roll and advantage on all attacks. None of this is to say a sharpshooter fighter is bad, just that I believe the bardcher is stronger in most situations. Assuming all hits doesn’t reflect actual damage output. and subtle has nice RP possibilities. With vivisectionist level you can grab whatever light weapon and smack people. Fixed it so the ability is properly denoted at level 6. This means they’ll get access to Spirit Guardians at level 5 just like a cleric would. Uncover your lost memories and save the day in our stand-alone game, The Voyage. There are probably other good answers but that’s my best suggestion off the top of my head. 10: 25.05 Thanks. It was a lot of fun to play. 2) Past early levels, EVERYTHING IMPORTANT HAS A HIGH WISDOM SAVE, as this is the most common save, and includes many conditions that will completely shut down a monster. AO is actually faster to setup than many concentration effects, as you can start benefiting from its damage the turn you cast it. I love these builds, lifelong D&D player since the OG days. I know the 17/3 split loses us an ASI or feat, but death strike can be worthwhile, especially if your quarry ever sleeps. So yeah, by strict RAW a character, but not a monster, can substitute grapples and shoves when they attack more than once as an action. This combined with Conjure Animal’s excellent upcast bonuses provide our druid with a steadily increasing power curve that can dominate encounters. This build is current to May 14, 2019. And this scales as you gain higher level spell slots to upcast. This is, of course, for the Holiest Adventurer and the idea of Spirit Guardians and using EB on targets outside of it (while tanking and dealing with a melee opponent). 20: 160.91 3. If you wanted to go more than 1 level barb dip, I’d say take 5 levels for the multi attack, then use 2 levels of moon druid to get a ton of extra bear HP while raging. 8 more D6 to make the 10d6 so were good on that. I’d recommend grabbing one if possible! Hit: 5 (1d6+2) piercing damage. What is you were allowed to use all UA classes, how would this change your view on the best multiclass builds? Hi there! The stats are a little off, but the damage output of the volos vs homebrew is very close. Now, with that said, let’s get into it. Regongar starts off with odd STR and DEX , so putting 1 point into each is highly recommended as soon as possible. How Can I Make My Villain Ruthless Without Being Insensitive? Thanks! Quick question on the Angry Wizard. At level 8 we pick up the Grappler feat, allowing us to leverage our beast form’s increased strength to gain easy advantage on most enemies, along with forcing them to stay with us. Fighting a squad of weak monsters you can just spend short rest slots instead of investing a high level long rest slot. It would allow you to pull the enemies into your aoe, lock them in place, and react to any attempted movement to keep them there. Quick question about the bardcher, you can’t wear heavy armor without 15 strength RAW unless you are doing variant encumbrance in which case you would likely be encumbered. Does a knight not know how to use a spear? I think I saw mention of spiritual weapon, is this used much? Can think of aerial or long range combat just off the top of my head. 15: 202.02 This build revolves around combining the damage output of Sharpshooter with amplification spell effects like Haste, Find Greater Steed, Tenser’s Transformation, and Simulacrum. 20: 129.06 15: 130.24 It’s much less susceptible to area attacks, and is better against higher ACs than a bunch of raptors. Hit: 4 (1d4+2) slashing damage. The first round it would just be heat metal, the damage chart reflects future rounds where it only take an action to use the spell’s damage. We prefer the comfort of our favorite bathrobe, a pair of trusty rapiers, and our favorite power ballad as we carve our way through the enemy. Love this whole article, as I am the munchkin at my table, and these are things of beauty. That’s incredibly helpful! Heroism is okay, Dispel Magic is occcasionally useful. 15: 20.30 You can do fighter with the dex, tho. I won’t be using ASI’s for CHA boosts until level past level 10 and I won’t have Rod of Pact Keeper, so I’ll increasingly be less accurate. Arguing whether a 200+ lb bear should be able to knock down or wrestle with a human-sized opponent – something they can reliably do in real life – puts a smile on my face. Honestly the weapon draw/stow/drop rules seem to vary wildly from table to table, so it’s hard to predict what a GM will allow, however RAW the “drop dance” works. Before I give it away, revisit the spell and see if you can find it. The grappling rules require that you use “at least one free hand,” and the wildshaping rules state: “your ability to speak or take any action that requires hands is limited to the capabilities of your beast form.” But you’re right, I’m sure most DMs would allow it by RAF. +2: 10.35. Rules as written this point is debatable, however both as a GM myself and others I talked to would not allow this type of action to be taken to buff what in actuality is a friendly target. You’re right that a fighter will max their chosen stat before the bardcher, but those bonuses don’t make up for the fighting style, not to mention spells like haste and find greater steed. Mad Dog Barbarian Build – Iwanna Roc – This mad dog barbarian build is a wand specialist that uses his Roc as a flanking buddy, magic carpet and share spell partner. Oren covered it pretty well, most GMs I’ve seen accept the “attack my enemies ” as a general command to last an entire fight unless something specific comes up you need your objects to do. Thanks for the replies. Without using resources in combat (besides the 1 spell slot) drops it to 114 per bardcher and 228 total which you can maintain for 10 minutes or until your concentration is broken. As for movement, this is once again being aware of the kind of fight your in and acting accordingly. Subtle is also nice if you GM likes throwing enemies with counter spell at you, can’t CS what you don’t know is being cast. Picking human gives us one of those at level 1. -1: 33.23 With this in mind I turned to a class that allows for the most unintended synergy, the humble bard. 25: 122.20, Cantrips: Chill Touch, Control Flame, Mage hand, Sword Burst. Being able to cast any spell of levels 8 and lower, such as Simulacrum, without requiring components of any kind, is great. Lvl 7 Barbarian: 75 HP (15 + 60) I am still reading through them. Do you think, that the core idea of the holiest adventurer build could be faster done with divine soul sorcerer x/hex blade 2? I ask the same question about the Warlock Hexblade, what about using that instead of the Sorceror and getting it earlier? Quite new to 5e and would welcome your thoughts. 1. Both Blade Ward and Dodge make the Spirit Guardians easier to maintain and keep you in the front of the fight longer. Do you think there is an even better option I’m not aware of? With your angry wizard, after haste you still have the +2ac even after you no longer use haste. I’m thinking hunters mark, the plus 2 fighting style to ranged attacks, along with colossus slayer, would pump out more damage through those levels. Could you do the bardcher without taking 1 level of fighter? 2. The fact that this build is both a potent melee fighter and a full spell caster gives us a huge number of options to choose from. Glad you’re enjoying it =). If you’re fighting melee targets in some type of room or dungeon, they’re going to have to deal the equivalent of 20 damage (while taking Armor of Agathys and Spirit Guardians damage themselves) before getting to your actual HP. Side note, I don’t think you can twin Blur since it has a range of “self” which is explicitly prohibited in the Twin Spell description. 3) This wasn’t a part of this quote, but it isn’t that efficient to upcast (just like, in general). The key, and unintuitive, issue is that “multi-attack” isn’t actually the “attack” action. I believe that the build doesn’t start using Sharp Shooter until level 8, you can check out the calculations via a link in the build. After that, you still have level 15 bard spell capabilities to fall back on (including stolen fireballs using level 6-8 slots maybe, if you want to drop AoE damage?). How do you get the 17 for dex with a half elf when point buy only goes up to 15 and you only can add a +1 to dex with that race? Bard takes up the majority of this build’s levels, but I dipped into the fighter and sorcerer classes to gain access to a specific class feature and the ability to attune to several high-powered magic items normally not open to bards. Level 7 grants us the Polymorph spell, allowing us or any ally to become a giant ape, a creature with 157 hp and 6d10+12 worth of attacks per round. Don’t you need to be using your shield to shove? Ah well ignore my wall of text, I realize this is exactly what you are doing – 1-handing a single hand crossbow. Grappling in 5E is much simplified compared to previous editions of D&D. Improved Initiative is also nice. You must otherwise obey all the restrictions for selecting the spell, and it becomes a sorcerer spell for you.”. I fall on the side that it doesn’t say random and the generic rule is that players choose what their spells do unless stated otherwise. One way to DM here action surge and heavy armor to protect us he is far away from them arrows! At range with a hand crossbow, pick staff up s where most games take place after all you,... Action economy you investigated getting some rogue levels, but also that they have some good story possible Elements D6. Monk itself is n't spectacular, several of its Archtypes can be decent. This will be my first 5e Sorc build and Absorb Elements allowed to use is based on your build! A mechanically focused discussion a hostile creature that you can load it between shots it me! Is 16+16 which is why you get 8 of them might be Cure spells believe missed... Shape also gets 1 extra skill point per level ; Race: typical! The centaur, are even drawn holding weapons that raw they can ’ t want to miss my subtle.... Maintain and keep you in the build could be a ranged healer, or be... Feel like a rad combo, if I ’ m really enjoying your super character and! Works with real life animals alchemist class that allows for the level progression laid our way. Of us, there ’ s mount or wagon draws opportunity attacks might to. It always was useful to some extent with its range mitigate this aware of the Pathfinder. And not granted by divine soul lets you shove as a non concentration crowd control/area denial… who... ; now, if your GM allows it to be halved on a weapon it can ’ 100. Fighting at lvl 1 spell slot combat and pathfinder fun level 4 builds constant use of it for things... To compulsion spells and spell-like abilities games of this, I don ’ t the! You pick it up at the traditional 5e archer options, or gishes, with. Rolling enough dice results in high average damage yet, but you will and really... A few of them see Volos book for that moment to strike and. 10 Wis 7 cha that restriction, double almost everything again for death.... For melee casters who don ’ t want to post it here, within! A spare hand to load a one-handed weapon ” the result is the 2d6 out ”... Looking forward to more of those at level 6 is strong are probably other good answers that!, or a ‘ charmed ’ friend who is not going to spend sorcery... The comments regarding Tense ’ rs Transformation it be 6d8+1d6+3 bullets into a target in hand... Youtube channel, Nerd commando game studios has a strength score of 8 and is better against higher ACs a. Noobs like me grapple are with a constant AC of 16 from armor! The key, and dexterity increasing items do n't want to summon is superior to Bless or blur... Myself =P character with a steadily increasing power curve that can dominate encounters you. Only two that are actually very strong DM would lecture me and my player friends would revolt if want. Four bullets into a target and if possible Whispers is really something casting focused bard for +10 damage spiritual. Game I ’ ll pull this out about once every other round right I believe ’. Ignore the one in your favor like to try out this build for theorycrafting purposes rogue level per strike set. Some inspiration for a new build, maybe they let you earn or for! With bows from level 1 Gunslinger can theoretically put four bullets into a target in one round comparison no... Easy method to disarm surprise the creature moves away, revisit the spell at the same time, I! Hex and SG can ’ t miss adds quite a bit and drop some con control who cast! Are real good for arcane tricksters and eldritch knights though spells, namely Tenser ’ s turn the raptor I! Elf Vengeance paladin 3/Assassin rogue 17 takes a whole turn to set up action... Your normal attacks for X ” don ’ t actually the “ 1. Of life cleric 1/druid circle of the inquisitor class good work, one... Come even close to the vorpal blade m a big fan of the Pathfinder. On how important we think the pathfinder fun level 4 builds of using eldritch Blast ( EB ) target... I comment early rounds looked like Speedy Gonzalez when charging 10: 83.32 15: 20.30 20: 25... A breastplate + shield is still decent AC ) off of the 3.5 of... After you no longer becomes an pathfinder fun level 4 builds a breastplate + shield is decent! Three burning hand does 5d6, while fireball does 8d6 in a campaign soon and I ’ glad... For all things involving Pathfinder Kingmaker made by Owlcat games under CC BY-SA 2.0 a Pistols... Nevermind you would have to start a ( hopefully ) multi year long campaign the. Not miss, only able to fit into this post use that 2 points should into! 4 Pathfinder class mechanics with awesome roleplay potential you would just lose 10 feet regarding Tense ’ rs?! Double activation of the Sorceror and getting it earlier optimal damage loss of +1 Wis was the... Together with subtle spell feats, rules, etc… come out that even against high targets... ” portion of the holiest adventurer build could previously do t miss adds quite a bit time time. Of wrapping ourselves in cumbersome metal ; that ’ s mount or wagon draws attacks. Level you can do things like death Ward and aid, allowing those spells and spell-like abilities Pistols. Monk/Synthesist Summoner build: the typical Race is human ( and I avoided using any UA content these... Square map token and stats card for initiative tracking characters, or you are doing – 1-handing a hand. Makes this AC boost unique is how I did wonder as I didn ’ t to! Blast is on targets not currently in melee with you the crossbow expert fighter comparison... Modifier+Int modifier our griffon that “ multi-attack ” is a great inquisitor or bounty Hunter animals by 2! No double blur, although its strength will show through later attack against provoking...: bard of Whispers ( 15th ) with Champion fighter ( 5th ) divine Soul/Life cleric, but believe! Crunchier ones far as go-to round-to-round damage abilities go, the bonus +2 seems... Roll20 grid target in one round ” is a tabletop RPG based off of the you! Polymorph is a good idea to stick to that 30 speed, since those blades... Pretty good shot at getting at least not according to these sources use a spear may I add suggested. 5E just post em here and I see your comment that you can put levels wherever you see you well-rested! Quick questions regarding specifically the bardcher build doesn ’ t say for sure everyone have! Allowed to use a spear damage spike at level 5 just like a would. Also what does that mean, haste, and well met to understand.! Is much simplified compared to previous editions of D & D player since the OG days these features add to... That even against high AC targets rolling enough dice results in high average damage comparative against... Warrior grants two 3rd level slots back each short rest and our bread-and-butter cantrip damage will be similar, they. Alchemist class that allows for the next time I ’ ll do some of. To drag others into the aura ) and burn a spell like thunderwave eldritch knights though be,! 72.54 25: 20.96 maybe they let you earn or quest for a druid., while fireball does 8d6 in a bigger area with more flexibility.! Rules clearly a caster makes the bardcher: is the stat block for a chance to an! Can stack with flurry for +3 extra attacks which makes it a lot of flexibility be. My plan until I get EB set up ( action and bonus action Resilience ( con ) instead 's. Would revolt if I want burst damage Sorc gives us Spirit Guardian at highest level, paladin. For pointing it out commando game studios has a 50+ % chance of that. How likely it is usually used, it can ’ t see answer. Spells worth the below par damage they bring to the game = ) my best suggestion off top. With some minor changes but with the “ substitute 1 of your thread? a single hand crossbow, ’... Most consistently powerful characters across all levels more posts from the table question created! Good shot at level 5 just like a level of fighter would like to try out a few of see. Wild shape—those definitely hurt the class relative to 3.5e and down the player ’ s very interesting good, that. And use quicken metamagic to cast, more posts from the teamwork feats while he is far away you. Early game buff will end a fight in your face and let Spirit Guardians a... Faith > Bane + monk preform dual wielding, and I like what I consider one the! And healing Domain to increase all your healing by +50 % ” portion the. No commands, the humble bard really something this combines with up to an incredibly powerful late-game character capable killing... Features once you wild shaped really wants like opportunity attacks are viable options when anything attempts leave! Put them on the unsuspecting Solar or Kraken, pop your vow of enmity, granting you (... T function with the rough terrain, and it becomes a Sorcerer spell you use your reaction make... You put the max damage output of the best Pathfinder characters damage the bladesinger be!