Association of British Columbia Forestry Professionals (ABCFP). required: "Please enter your Province or Territory. required: true, The estimated cost of books for the two years is $400-$500*. $("#tmp_00N5w00000R1zUp").hide(); document.getElementById('salesForceRetURL').value = window.location.href; // Hide high school for class-visit. 1454: "University Arts & Sciences:General Arts", Almost 60% of the land in British Columbia is forested – stewardship of these lands is no small feat. Ecological and legal factors influencing the use of both biological and chemical pesticides for weed control are outlined.Prerequisite(s): FNAM 3600, Silviculture is defined as the theory and practice of controlling the establishment, composition, growth and quality of forest stands to achieve the objectives of management. var selected_value3 = $('#tmp_00N4t000000OqTJ').val(); 10398: "University Arts & Sciences:General Sciences", email: { Tech  You will also have your choice of working full time or on a seasonal basis. 1464: "Health:Gerontology", With the spread of home and other development into the forest interface, managers need to have a basic understanding of how to design using some FireSmart principles. The average hourly pay for a Forestry Technician in Canada is C$21.75. 14218: "All:All", Students will be assess work quality and maintain environmental quality while carrying out activities. first_name: { Silviculture surveys will be emphasized in Applied Silviculture: (1) plantability, (2) stocking, (3) brushing, and (4) free-growing. Just fill out this form and someone will be in touch shortly. $(".Program-of-Interest").hide() ", These programs provide the education and training necessary to … //alert("Disable CAtcha"); Our program is nationally accredited and upon graduation, students are eligible to enrol to become Registered Forest Technologists with the Association of BC Forest Professionals. Graduates of Fleming College’s Urban Forestry Technician (UFT) Co-op program now have the option of completing a Bachelor of Urban Forestry degree at the University of British Columbia (UBC). 'Community Education & Workplace Training - Nakusp': [''], The program will prepare you for a wide variety of employment opportunities; whether you are interested in working outdoors, indoors or a combination of both. Data collected in the field using a combination of equipment such as field data loggers or tablets, GIS grade GNSS equipment, and laser range finders will be imported into various software tools, and imported into GIS software to produce maps. // alert("Enable CAtcha"); 'Industry & Trades Training': ['Carpentry Apprenticeship', 'Carpentry Foundation', 'Electrical Foundation', 'Electrical Apprenticeship', 'Fine Woodworking Foundation', 'Hairstylist Foundation', 'Heavy Mechanical Foundation', 'Metal Fabricator Foundation', 'Millwright/Machinist Foundation', 'Plant Operator', 'Welding'], phone: { As we prepare for the big day, meet Integrated Environmental Planning Program student Chris Black who has been chosen as the Class of 2018's valedictorian. 'Community Education & Workplace Training - Castlegar': [''], The significance of life cycles in terms of sampling practices is also addressed. $("#sales-force-thank-you-dialog").dialog("open"); var selectedleadType = $(this).children("option:selected").val(); Certificate programs are often offered as an interdisciplinary program, drawing on faculty from forestry … 9223: "University Arts & Sciences:Rural Pre-Medicine", 1453: "University Arts & Sciences:Entry to Pharmacy", 1429: "Industry & Trades Training:Electrical Foundation", dialogClass: 'salesforce-dialog-class', 1446: "School of the Arts:Digital Arts", You can expect to receive communication concerning the status of your application within four weeks. } $('#00N5w00000R2DFx').change(function() { CAB will recognize graduates of the EFS program as meeting the core academic requirements for entry as an Applied Biology Technician. The program is accredited by the Canadian Technology Accreditation Board. } else { Through field and planning activities, students will apply skills and concepts acquired in other Term 3 courses to design a site plan for a woodlot or community forest. $("#sales-force-thank-you-dialog").on('dialogclose', function(event) { Include proof of meeting all entrance requirements. } // Grade required: true, $('#tmp_00N5w00000R1zUp').change(function() { minlength: 2 What if I don’t meet these English requirements? }); var nnn = getNodeNumber() var txt = dict[nnn] option += '