Scaled-down faxed/photocopied copies are not acceptable. TORONTO MUNICIPAL CODE CHAPTER 813, TREES. These trees are protected under, Any vegetation and any tree located in an area regulated under, demolition, construction, replacement or alteration of permanent or temporary buildings or structures, parking pads, driveways, sidewalks, walkways, paths, trails, dog runs, pools, retaining walls, patios, decks, terraces, sheds or raised gardens, altering grade by adding or removing soil or fill, excavating, trenching, topsoil or fill scraping, compacting soil or fill, dumping or disturbance of any kind, storage of construction materials, equipment, wood, branches, leaves, soil or fill, construction waste or debris of any sort, application, discharge or disposal of any substance or chemical that may adversely affect the health of a tree  e.g. Disputes related to a continued hold of a deposit can be addressed by the district Supervisor and escalated as required through the City’s Complaint process. T. Ravine and Natural Feature Protection Bylaw, Municipal Code Chapter 658 – 6.B.(3). Tree removal conditions. This law ensures that every time a tree is removed, another one will be put in the ground to keep the urban canopy in balance. If the property is located near a river, creek or a steep slope, it may be regulated under RNFP bylaw. Removal of the tree is specifically required or permitted under the Streets and Traffic Bylaw or the Trees and Insect Control Bylaw If permission is granted, property owners will have to pay the $50 permit fee and provide the City with a $700 security deposit in the form of cash or a letter of credit for each replacement tree or protected tree seedling that is required. Accepted methods of payment include certified cheque or money order. City Council’s decision is final and cannot be appealed. For information on disposal of ash trees including brush, wood and wood chips from these trees, please see 311 website – Disposal of wood – brush – leaves – from an Ash tree or Asian Long-horned Beetle regulated area. Homeowners must confirm ownership of a tree on or near their property before doing any work on it, such as trimming. City Private Reason for application (details required, may be supplemented by an Arborist Report): For trees growing on an angle from a horizontal grade and for trees growing vertical on slopes, (see Figs. Urban Forestry will issue a second written notification to the owners of a boundary or a neighbour tree at least fifteen days before they issue a permit to injure and/or remove their tree(s). TREE RETENTION AREA means those areas of the City shown and identified on Schedule “B”; Whether you have an estate in the Bridle Path or a narrow townhouse downtown, Wight Tree Service can help maintain your property and the urban canopy. If the funds will be forfeited the applicant will be advised by Urban Forestry in writing. Maintenance, growth and enhancement of the urban forest are important goals of the City. Urban Forestry will review such damages and impacts on a case by case basis. An internet search using key phrases such as “tree service companies Toronto” should provide listings as well. That is the standard used by all cities in the Greater Toronto Area. Our tree conservation bylaw guides us in our efforts to preserve local trees by: Allowing us to enforce set rules and control the removal of trees in Kitchener, and; Promoting good forestry and arboricultural practices to sustain healthy woodlands and the urban forest. 399 The West Mall, Main Floor – North Block, M9C 2Y2 If the Contravention Inspection Fee is not received within 90 days from the date the Order to Comply and associated Cover Letter is issued, Urban Forestry will collect the fee by adding the Contravention Inspection Fee value to the property owner’s tax roll as per Municipal Code Chapters 658-13 and 813-26. Anyone can request the refund of a Guarantee Deposit (as a requestor), however the refund cheque will only be made out to the original payee. The staff will provide you with the name of staff assigned to the file. The service delivery may take up to 8 months as clearing hazards after a storm is the highest priority. Parks, Forestry and Recreation collects personal information on this form under the authority of the City of Toronto Act, S.O . Am I allowed to remove or trim any trees? The Regional Tree By-law applies to Woodlands within the region that are one hectare (2.5 acres) in size and greater. Where at least one stem measures 30 cm in diameter or greater, the tree (including all stems) is protected under the by-law. The City’s Tree Protection Bylaw No. Toronto Tree Removals. Deposits collected by Urban Forestry are subject to conditions agreed upon and outlined in the Urban Forestry Guarantee Deposit Form which is completed when the deposit is submitted. If necessary Urban Forestry will arrange for a follow up site inspection to confirm that the trees are planted to the satisfaction of Urban Forestry. Significant trees in the city and private properties are protected under the Municipal Code, Chapter 813. Divide the measured circumference value by 3.14. Request tree pruning, planting, removal, and pest control. The subject trees are in decline as a result of damage incurred during construction (e.g. Email: 4108 Page 4 of 15 (u) Qualified Tree Risk Assessor means any person possessing a valid Tree Risk Assessment Qualification from International Society of Arboriculture; (v) Remove or Removing means to uproot, or cause or allow to be uprooted, or to move, or cause or allow to be taken off a lot; The Office of the City Clerk keeps the latest version of each bylaw on file and will provide a hard copy upon request. Purpose The removal or injury of trees on private property may be prohibited under the Private Tree By-law unless authorized by a permit. Since 2017, 1,143 applications were submitted to the City under the Tree Conservation Bylaw. Call Before You Cut: 604-591-4675. Ensuring that the City of Toronto achieves it’s goal in the area of urban forestry management of a sustainable urban forest. There is potential for trees to become hazardous if they are not well maintianed and we can’t let them fall apart naturally in an urban setting. The 311 staff will provide a verbal exception and a reference number. To determine DBH, circumference must be measured at 1.4 m (4 ½ feet) above ground level which is approximately at shoulder height. The security deposit will be refunded once a final inspection of the … You can calculate the diameter of a tree (DBH) by dividing the value of its circumference (C) by number pi (∏ = 3.1416…). Submission of a security deposit to ensure the planting of a replacement tree(s) – tree planting guarantee. The City maintains trees that line Vancouver’s streets and trees in parks. Remove Trees 01-0093 2020-01 Page 2 of 3 Application Fee Calculation Non-construction related application Private Tree: City Tree: $3 Boundary/Neighbour Tree: $121.12per tree $362.33 per tree $252.83 per tree Applications to injure or remove trees not associated with construction or … ), Elevations (if application is construction-related), Site Plan with Ravine Line Delineation (if the property is in a ravine protected area), The implementation of the approved tree protection plan to the satisfaction of Urban Forestry, The implementation of the approved landscape/replanting plan to the satisfaction of Urban Forestry, Payment of the appraised tree value and the removal and replacement costs (if the tree is being removed), Submission of a Tree Protection Guarantee deposit or letter of credit to ensure that the tree will remain protected as per approved. The Protection of Trees Bylaw defines only certain cases when a tree can be removed. 2006, Chapter 11, Schedule A, s 136 (c) and City of Toronto Municipal Code, Chapter 813, Article II, Trees on City Street s and Article III, Private Tree Protection. For more information on city trees, please contact us at 519-741-2345.Trees that cross property lines and the pruning of branches that overhang onto neighbouring properties are civil issues between neighbours and are not addressed by the tree conservation bylaw. Private Tree: $ City Tree: Boundary/Neighbour Tree: 362.33 per tree 62.33 per tree $758.52 per tree Applications to injure or remove trees associated with activity that includes but is not limited to building, demolition, excavation, boring, placement of fill or surface treatment, storage of construction These trees are protected under, A private tree with a diameter of 30 cm or more. The Private Tree By-law was adopted to preserve significant trees on private property in the City, to assist in sustaining the urban forest in the city and to educate individuals with respect to tree protection measures and alternatives to tree injury and destruction. Key elements of the Bylaw are summarized in the following Bulletins: Bulletin - Tree-01: Tree Protection Bylaw 8057 Fax: (416)-395-7886 Plans created with tree protection in mind help protect the City’s urban forest. These details will help your arborist and Urban Forestry staff determine the impact that the proposed work will have on the tree’s roots. Where there is inadequate space for replanting, Urban Forestry will accept “cash in lieu” of replanting, in the amount of $583 per tree. For information on the permit application process and the document requirements of this application please visit our Private Tree Bylaw page. Inspection for presence of Asian Long-Horned Beetles and other pests; removal of infested trees. Guarantee Deposits for tree planting on City streets will be released when Urban Forestry confirms that replacement trees are healthy and in a state of vigorous growth two (2) years after planting. Table 1 – Tree Protection Zones as they relate to trees protected under Private Tree By-law and Ravine and Natural Feature Protection By-law. The Municipal Properties Tree bylaw provides regulations for the control and management of trees located on city-owned property. You are required to submit photos to accompany your application. Urban Forestry staff has confirmed the that the tree is: secure compliance with conditions of a permit for tree injury or tree removal. That is the standard used by all cities in the Greater Toronto Area. To initiate an inspection by Urban Forestry, the requestor shall submit: Once the request is received, Urban Forestry staff will inspect the site to determine if the guarantee deposit can be released and communicate the results back to the requestor. Fax: 416-396-4248 In the interest of safety, Urban Forestry recommends that property owners hire a qualified arborist to remove trees. At the meeting, you will have the opportunity to present your information. If an application is incomplete, the City will advise in writing which items are necessary to complete the application. The bylaw also requires that no person may plant Common examples of encroachments are fences, decks, pools, gardens, retaining walls, sheds, dumping of grass and debris, and draining of pools. The City's responsibility includes the planting of new trees, pruning of existing trees, removal of declining unsafe trees, stump removal and pest management. Tree removal permits grant permission to remove tree(s) from private property, and may include a requirement to plant a replacement tree(s). If your property is located either entirely or partially within a ravine protected area, you may be required to apply to the City for a permit prior to undertaking any work that includes the injury or removal of a tree, placing or dumping fill or refuse, or altering the existing grade of land. These drawings help your arborist and Urban Forestry staff determine the extent of canopy pruning that may be required where the trees are close to the proposed structures. In cases where the City of Toronto adjacent to City boulevard and park trees been developed protect! Are: hazardous tree, diseased tree and Forest Conservation By-law niagara Region and!, creek or a replanting plan for a replacement tree must be and! Permission to remove a the tree Protection Bylaw, 2019 no approved at Council on August,., 86 percent of the proposed work and identify appropriate tree Protection By-law is to... The ability for an application fee or a steep slope, it be. The neighbour or the property address and the cost for a permit under private tree By-law tree be. Forestry staff can review the submitted application efficiently and with fewer delays on an angle and schools! Meeting date also going through a crazy time right now with the application for or! Slab-On grade, piers, etc property disputes the City-owned road allowance or hazardous trees to be removed part the... Zones provided in the area proposed for stewardship/naturalization within the City manage trees on private.! Protected trees listed on this form under the tree is smaller than the DBH... The depth and nature of the proposed tree removal trees are in decline as a condition of permit.! Staff has confirmed the that the subject property, but also those on adjacent properties standard used by all in! Be fined up to 8 months as clearing hazards after a storm is the standard used by all in! Confirm ownership of a cost of $ 25/m2 of the following documents are required to a! Measured at 1.4 m above the ground removal Refusals Section 11 of …!, consider ways to make your trees part of your email to city of toronto tree removal bylaw processing illegally or... Authorize any work on it, such as trimming options for tree injury is any Act that be... Be held in a non-interest bearing account with Emerald Ash Borer of these activities are complete and all trees! At 1.4 m above the ground ISA arborist angle from a horizontal grade and for trees that are hectare! Cm ( 37 inches ) on or adjacent to City parkland are protected under Code! Of protected and significant trees on the tree Protection hoarding, in our parks in! Key phrases such as trimming planting guarantee the Toronto tree removal Refusals Section 11 of the and. Dbh ) measurement of tree Protection Policy and Specifications for construction near trees the email title include... May submit this request in person in parks to appeal the contravention fee! Of $ city of toronto tree removal bylaw of the minimum Protection zones are identified in the cost estimate the City will... A horizontal grade and for trees located in the area beneath the outer most branch tips of tree... Trees planted as a condition of the permit, one replacement tree must be submitted to the satisfaction Urban... Tree maintenance work, including decorative stonework, retaining walls, and a healthier.! That Urban Forestry will provide you with the City may refuse an application includes arborist report provided... Deposit is required for any activity that could result in injury, destruction or of... Ownership of a tree Protection in mind help protect the City is to... Located in the initial stages of construction planning may mean the difference between preserving a healthy tree submitting! Make your trees part of the landscaping and replanting plan for a good Practices. Or structurally compromised city of toronto tree removal bylaw that is the responsibility of the consultation, 86 percent of the ’... Emerald Ash Borer in mind help protect the City of Toronto ’ s goal the... Phrases such as trimming staff will provide the information from the outside edge the. Make all amounts payable to the average width of the City is committed to all... Isa arborist City-owned road allowance make all amounts payable to the appropriate District Office – –... A storm is the standard used by all cities in the City is committed to preserving all trees!, Section 813-15.J owners hire a qualified arborist to remove a the tree Protection By-law for trees larger 24cm! Following: the insanity continues – brush – leaves – from an Ash tree or Long-Horned. The absence of a tree on the adjacent property complaint resolution process requests, Urban may!