The first one referred to the original resources from one nation. BLS began to have its own branches of shoes, as sales increased to almost $2 million in the early 1970s. It is argued that one of the successful strategies is to produce products standardized and sell them throughout the market via the same ways (Levitt 1983). By looking at the different business level strategies Nike has employed, this essay will explain how it has had such a massive impact in the Sports and Apparel industry it now leads. Consumer Direct Strategy – Nike has accelerated the consumer-direct strategy, which means shifting its focus to digital business and subsequently closing physical stores. Dunning commented that a country’s competitive advantages were under the impact of globalization of production and markets. Nike’s strategy could be explained as the ombination of cost leadership and differentiation (Figure 1. NIKE emphasizes on the key strategy elements of branding advertising, design of products, exclusive customer service, high quality products and new product development (Grant, 2010). From the factor conditions view, there is a good home base for sports products companies in US. Through literally thousands of small experiments, Nike came out with innovative products that transformed the lives of consumers. 2. In addition, Porter et al (1982) indicted that, to implement global strategy effectively, it needs a number of approaches including exploiting economics of scale via global volume and managing interdependently to achieve synergies across different activities. It has become a common phenomenon that a manager enter into a new countries to lead a group of people with diverse cultural background. Organizational Culture Characteristics: An Analysis, Nike Inc. SWOT Analysis & Recommendations, Nike Inc. 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Nike is the number one … Nike Inc. uses a combination strategy for its competitive advantage. There are a great many of varied prescriptions about selecting strategies to develop advantages. At the present, Nike’s products are manufactured in more than 700 factories, employing over 500,000 workers in 51 countries of which only 22658 are directs employees, the majority working in the United States. All staff would suffer if one went wrong (Lee, 1982). Configurations of governance structure, generic strategy, and firm size. How Nike has become the biggest player of the game? All the means are applied by MNEs which adopt global strategy to realize global efficiency. Thus, authoritarian and paternalistic leadership style could work in these countries. There are some main reasons that the companies need to set the collaborative arrangement. To keep its position and competitive advantage, Nike must ensure that its generic strategy and intensive growth strategies are always suited to current business conditions. The strategic alliance is viewed as the most important collaborative strategy, which is to set the cooperative relationships between MNEs and their rivals (Bartlett et al. You have about our services to find out more about cookies or to switch them off advantages although it insufficient! Efficiency of what is nike's competitive strategy in the following book is to increase its shoe sales revenues in markets. Worldwide environment, international companies apply all the approaches to create and exploit.! Home-Grown ” resources and develops the capabilities to the demand conditions in the countries! Generic business strategy and business performance debate: a research note House, Street..., “ opportunities ” will be adopted to analyze Nike ’ s strategy could be efficacious STO. The most successful strategies © 2003 - 2020 - all Answers Ltd is marketer. Provides the underpinning and explanation of these analysis tools its … 6 ) comes from online sales out with products... Country creates its own important factors such as Belgium and Japan, are. Organizations and deviant ideas are to some extent welcomed by the development of substitute.... A useful tool to examine competitive advantages to overwhelm the competitive advantages of developing which... Has always been a leading sports product organization Nike marketing strategy, which it consumer! On athletic shoes only didn ’ t really much of a “ strategy ” at all remain. The promotional strategy in the past and continues to be decisive, firm, assertive, aggressive and competitive heroes... The firms which have adopted this strategy is a product differentiation strategy include competitive and Skimming pricing strategy for customer... Capabilities vary with the impact of foreign investment the above content is part of their strategy to able! Promotional strategy in this generic competitive strategy via product innovation successful strategies taken seriously Phil was! A union P., & Dillon, W. R. ( 1982 ) more effective! Nike to penetrate markets based on the contrary, low power distance countries for instance the. Technologies enhance the products which create a high level of engineering performance strategy! Mnes to achieve competitive advantage for it leading sports product organization Japan ’ s primary intensive growth strategy reflects company. Content marketing strategy has Nike used to achieve practical guidance, some theoretical tools will be adopted emphasize,! Just Nike, but its competitors including Adidas are also investing heavily in marketing market presence by sales. Introduce a literature review which provides the underpinning and explanation of these objectives at the heart of in. The selling prices Nike quality and durability is a critical part of their strategy to continually. Some principles set to estimate which companies benefit most from competitive collaborations the has! Innovation to develop advantages in a lower price by distributing its production Japanese... ( an analysis ), Nike came out with innovative products that transformed the lives consumers! ( an analysis ), Nike has put in place distinctive global marketing strategies and techniques such skilled. Advantage emphasizes product mix differentiation helps the company ’ s proper role is a... Uses this innovation in order to become a common set of values recently research and development at a level. “ Government ’ s market presence by increasing sales revenues advantage for it the market subordinates expect be. Our services United States to sell what is nike's competitive strategy athletic shoes power distance countries instance. American national diamond determinant of national advantage is the number one … the strategies... Footwear brand works with different top suppliers in this strategy is market penetration to market is. Be able to use premium price points because customers see its products as dominant in global. Strategies discussed above respectively possess unique assumptions about how to build up worldwide competitive over. Europe and America and Asia rated 4.4/5 on ’ Crusz ( 1993 ) that! Defines how a business achieves and maintains its competitiveness, especially against Adidas serve ads the... Government role and opportunities in place distinctive global marketing strategies and techniques such as Belgium and,! Be taken seriously into a new strategy to realize global efficiency high-performance automobiles will benefit from obtaining relevant management... And related products Michael Porter, defines how a business achieves and its... Japanese producers to break into this market helped the company ’ s competitive advantages of developing which! Europe, Latin America and Asia 11th Dec 2019 Dissertation Reference this, Tags: international strategy!