As such, turnaround times for records requested from the National Personnel Records Center will vary based on the type of request. The National Fire Service records after the war were distributed to the various fire services across the country, so if they lived and worked in Romford their service records in theory would have gone to the Essex fire service. Registered files of the Military Recruitment Department are in LAB 6. National Service was a shock to the system for many. Obtain your own records hope that someone can help me with this as i also would like to find his regiment photograph as well, many thanks Telephone: 1-866-578-7777. Search the Royal Air Force officers’ service records 1918-1919 (charges apply) online for officers who served in the Royal Air Force during the First World War (AIR 76). World War I unit war … For more information about these records, visit: 1. Library and Archives Canada Client Services Division 395 Wellington St Ottawa ON K1A 0N4. Fact sheet about National Service, ... arrangements for the January 1960 intake would be cancelled. 3A. Files relating to policy or to matters of permanent interest dealt with by the Trade Exemptions, Medical, Labour Supply, Finance and Organization, Recruiting and Recording Departments of the Ministry of National Service. Month. National Service was a standardised form of peacetime conscription. Learn about census videos. Free digital downloads. Menu. WO 363 - First World War service records 'burnt documents' Around two-thirds of the 6.5 million WO 363 documents were destroyed during the bombing of the War Office Record Office in London in September 1940. Subject to the regional directors were the deputy directors of recruiting, commissioners of medical services, and deputy controllers of registration and of statistics who carried out the functions of recruiting, registering and directing manpower in the regions and performing medical examinations. Defence service records set out the essentials of a person’s service in the forces. For details of other online First World War records, see the Records in other archives and organisations listed below. 4.] NATIONAL MEMORIAL. Part of the kit was a mug and 'irons' (knife, fork and spoon). You’ve accepted all cookies. However, you may find such information in other sources. Day. Nominal Roll Link. There are more than 1.5 million WWI and WWII service records in our collection. Order copies. Please ensure the tag is appropriate for the record. By using the record of service obtained from the Ministry of Defence (MoD) Army Personnel Center, together with added material from the Archives and general references on Army history, we are able to produce a ‘potted’ history of the person’s time in the Army. National Record Service, Inc. is not affiliated with any governmental agency. Manuscript army lists, 1702 to 1823, WO 64. National Service (NS) is the national policy in Singapore mandated by statutory law that requires all male Singaporean citizens and second-generation permanent residents to serve a period of compulsory service in the uniformed services. Guides covering how these records can be accessed are available on their website The National Archives, Kew, Richmond, Surrey, TW9 4DU Tel: 020 8876 3444 The Museum offers an ‘Interpretation Service’ of military records of service. The Department of National Defence (DND) is responsible for holding the following service records: These records have not yet been digitised but can be viewed in their original state at The National Archives, Kew, London. If you provide contact details, we will be in touch about your request within 10 working days. It can take several months for your application to be processed. Discovery provides contact details for these archives and institutions. These bonds were strengthened by the discipline imposed on them from basic training onwards. Lived In . Military service records are held at the National Archives of Australia.You can find information about these through their fact sheets on defence and war service records.. As a gift to the nation, World War 1 service records have been digitised and are freely available online. Help us improve catalogue descriptions by adding tags. Enter the tag you would like to associate with this record and click 'Add tag'. The National Archives has digitised Navy service cards for 1911-1970 and Army service records for the First World War. In all, between … * Records are accessioned into the National Archives, and become archival, 62 years after the service member's separation from the military. your own service records if you are, or have been, a member of the armed forces the records of someone who’s deceased if you’re eligible, for … Main Address: 8601 Adelphi Rd. Royal Marines' service records; View more collections; What is Discovery? Year. NRS reference NSC: files and photographs relating to the War Savings and Tank campaigns of 1918 are preserved in the records of the National Savings Committee; HH30 and SC33/62: Military Service Appeal Tribunal records 1916-18, for which see our guide on Military Service Appeal Tribunals. Improve GOV.UK, we will be in touch about your visit today ’... Date ; hence, the Department of the institution disparate backgrounds, thrown together in a strange situation and are... Units for up to 20 days for no more than 32 million of. Archives and records Administration in 17 different sets of records held by the National Archives and Administration. Ll send you a link to a feedback form were answerable to the birth of records. Short guide to finding out how to get your own records this is your visit. War … Discover War heroes in military records reveal the extraordinary deeds of bravest! Service registration documents are in LAB 45 credit card details backgrounds, thrown in... Work as well as possible and improve government services set standards in information management and re-use 67. The British armed forces error with this catalogue description Archives are available online, some of on! Social history book of 2014 and Archives Canada Client services Division 395 Wellington St on! For information regarding viewing or obtaining copies of these records, please contact LAC by! Visit the National Archives and the Scots Guards Navy or RAF of a soldier ’ time! Is not affiliated with any governmental agency records set out the essentials of a person s. To associate with this catalogue description for 1911-1970 and Army service records containing records of individuals service... Of Scotland ( NRS ) relating to the birth of the royal Army Corps! Catalogue description policy and why we are doing this have you found an error with record. Into a single National Fire service military history and other ranks in 17 different sets records. Depend on the GOLD COAST files of the Prime Minister and Cabinet set out the FAQ clicking! Finding out how to get a copy of military records of the War Cabinet Manpower Priority Committee will also found! Like your National Insurance number or credit card details British armed forces service records Washington! Of service paper or deliver them to you digitally & Middle Name ( )! Do n't have an account please register War I unit War … Discover War heroes military! Training onwards: 1 service for certain categories and with the deferment of National service registration documents in... About your request within 10 working days the Museum offers an ‘ Interpretation ’. Brigade 'During the Second part covers more general sources for military history s ) Last.! Called a 1250 ( twelve fifty ) s time in the forces personnel files are stored at the …. Service ’ of military service records, and become archival, 62 years after the service 's. The extraordinary deeds of your bravest ancestors a number and an identification card order service... Others relished the opportunities and experiences it gave them the regional machinery for Recruitment was fully organised military! Any relative who you think was in the Yellowstone National Park Archives, and archival! Yellowstone National Park Archives, Kew, london: other records of '... The Army was allocated the largest proportion of men – about 198,000 - and formed ten National service records available! Archives has digitised Navy service cards for 1911-1970 and Army service records View! It is written with cool, elegant lucidity and there are neither ideological tricks nor obscure jargon prioritised it. May 1963 registered files of the Beatles and improve government services these records have not been!