Cancel * If you hold a Digital Access Card, please enter your 16 digit … Q14. Introducing the Dubai First Cashback Card and App. Who do I contact if I have a question regarding the RAKBANK Credit Card? How can I know all the benefits of my RAKBANK Credit Card? What if I don't get a confirmation at the time of booking? Just click on the relevant link to view and print your 9 travelers, you will have to re-start the booking process for the additional travelers. You can also use a mobile app, as described below. Features & Benefits: Dirham, US Dollar, Pound Sterling or Euro – you decide. A49. Founded in 1976, the Bank underwent a major transformation in 2001, with a shift in focus from Corporate Banking to Personal and Business Banking. Q43. How do I do Q31. A10. Apart from Flight and Hotel what can I redeem my RAKrewards for? A17. No information will be disclosed on live chat for your existing products if the chat is not authenticated on this session. it? The customer will require a 6 digit activation code to activate the Credit Credit cards have many uses apart from the rewards you get from spending using your credit cards.The following is list of uses that credit cards can provide you. If you need to book for more than Q54. You can view your RAKrewards account summary in the My Account section or on the What happens if I have forgotten my RAKrewards account password? A31. Download the RAKBANK Digital Banking App available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Average daily balance: The most common method used is the daily balance. A55. Ticket within 24 hours of booking / redemption. are travelling. create your RAKrewards account password followed by RAKrewards account Username Some of the airlines provide a web check-in facility, where you can select your seat and A37. Just few clicks of your mouse, you can check your Landbank ATM account balance online. Q10. You can use RAKMoneyTransfer to send money to India and Philippines in less than a minute and transfer between your own RAKBANK accounts instantly. the infant must be below 24 months as on the date of travel. Q46. also call 24X7 RAKBANK contact center on 04-2130000 in case you do not receive the e- ⭐ What are the rates offered on Rakbank fixed deposit? call us on 04-213 00 00 or connect with us through our chat service. Q50. Q19. RAKrewards' website . A18. Yes, you can book one infant per adult on RAKrewards. There are no redemption charges for RAKrewards. Please note that airline restrictions on baggage allowance apply to both checked-in Sending an SMS to 2737 in the following format: BAL . Kindly contact the airline directly or visit their website for Q21. voucher could be made. Q51. All applications are subject to review and approval of the Bank. RAKrewards is a point based rewards program designed to reward RAKBANK Credit The app offers a fresh & intuitive user experience along with many new features making it one of the best ways to bank in the UAE. Your chat sessions may be recorded for our training and quality assurance programme. Established in 1976, RAKBANK or the National Bank of Ras Al Khaimah (P.J.S.C), is one of the oldest banks in the UAE. Find the ATM or branch closest to you, the app also guides you about services available at each location, Experience cardless withdrawal of cash from any RAKBANK ATM or send money to anyone. For details on our pricing and tariff you may refer to our Service and Price Guide A13. If you want an extra bed in the room, You will need to contact the months will expire. It takes the average of your balance during the billing cycle, adding each day’s balance together and dividing by the number of days in the billing cycle. Whats New Some of the key features offered by ‘RAKBANK Digital Banking’ app are: In this post, we will share the benefits and features of each personal credit card offered by RAKBank. How do I activate my account on RAKrewards portal? you need to increase the number of guests in your search or contact the hotel when you What is the maximum number of seats I can book? A5 Yes, online purchases are eligible for RAKrewards. Q9. A41. Q11. What are the rates offered on Rakbank fixed deposit? Q17. A28. Axis Bank Salary Account. Where can I find the fees and charges for the RAKBANK Credit Card? f) Once the password is successfully created you will be taken to the Login screen, a) Click on Reactivate Account on the login page, b) Once you are on the Reactivation page, you will be required to log in your RAKBANK Our children will be traveling with us - do they stay for free? No, you need to separately register yourself at RAKrewards portal through the RAKrewards account password followed by RAKrewards account Username. published on our website and available at our branches. Q13. Q28. Q18. 10,000 points. In most cases the hotel should receive the reservation information within On your Computer, Tablet or Smartphone browser, click on Digital Banking to login. for a confirmation under the Redemption section. Types of RAKBank Credit Cards in the UAE. Chat Live with our customer service representative for queries and support. 3. The profit rates offered on RakBank fixed deposits depends on the deposit amount and tenure of the deposit. would need to input on this screen. Q37. check-in counter to drop your baggage. A53. contains your past redemptions. … It is subject to the Credit Card number, registered Mobile number with RAKBANK and your Date of RAKBANK Credit Card number, your Mobile number and your Date of Birth and click The OTP will only be sent across on your registered mobile number with RAKBANK. Q3 What are the benefits of joining RAKrewards? Check out the restaurants included in this offer at www. As per Central Bank mandate, the Bank would have to conduct an AECB (Al Etihad Credit Bureau) check for new clients prior to issuance of cheque books. Please log in to your RAKrewards Account and visit the My Redemption page. A45. Videos. and arrival date. Want to view balances on the go? 2. 1. A2.There are no charges for enrolment into the RAKrewards program. When you open a RAKBANK Savings account there is no minimum balance required in the first 3 months. hotels worldwide. 2130000 and we will be happy to resolve your query. Airlines rules apply. accurate details regarding baggage limit. A44: Vouchers can be reprinted by accessing the 'My redemption' tab. on the flight and they have to travel with the accompanying adult. currently offered on Murabaha Gold, Murabaha Platinum, Murabaha World, A6 Your RAKrewards will be summarized on your monthly Credit Card statement and you Q48. should be able to see the link depicting your hotel booking. You can Please book your room and contact the hotel at the number mentioned on your e- All applications are subject to approval at the sole discretion of the issuance of boarding card and for baggage drop. You can use your existing RAKBANK Digital Banking username and password. You may need to wait in line to talk to a teller. Cardholders like you based on your spends and usage on your Credit Cards. select a cheaper flight. Typically, the bank tellers will be at a big desk in the center of the bank’s interior. Know more about, Download and install the latest RAKBANK Digital Banking App from Google Play Store or Apple App Store, Start the app and click on the Register button, Register using your Account number/ Debit Card or Credit Card number and your PIN. A19. When can I start redeeming my RAKrewards? A30.Most hotels allow additional guests to stay in a room for an extra charge as long as The UAE banking sector has proved its ability to deal with challenges and has succeeded in managing and surviving a series of crises while being able to meet international standards at all levels through latest developments and techniques. Just click on this link and you Where can I find my RAKrewards Summary? such cases, you will have to present your ticket and ID proof at Airline check-in counter for You can However, you can do web check-in Do I have to pay anything for booking the redemption tickets and hotel bookings? A39. A6 Your RAKrewards will be summarized on your monthly Credit Card statement and you can also check your RAKrewards under the My Account section or on the Profile tab on the ' RAKrewards' website . steps. Q.47 What happens if I have entered my RAKrewards password wrong multiple times? After the 3 months there will be the minimum balance expected and a fee is applied if balance is below that amount. For any queries regarding our products and services please feel free to call our 24X 7 A40. A42. The A14. Q12. Q45. Quick Balance via Fingerprint or Facial Authentication: How to register for Digital Banking using the mobile app: How to register for Digital Banking through a browser: Existing users (Kindly follow either of the 2 options below​): Click here to view the Terms & Conditions. However, after providing the Q23. hotel terms & conditions. Available billers include DEWA, SEWA, Etisalat, Du, Salik and more. You need to enroll to LandBank iAccess website ( A20. Log In Online. hotel's reservation department is closed). To Check your Rakbank account balance you need to login to digital banking and generate estatement. your airline to create the booking of child directly with them. we cannot refund the RAKrewards already redeemed. The steps to redeem your RAKrewards are as follows: A43. The balance transfer amount may continue to be paid off after the initial 3 months, at an interest of 3.45%. What will happen if I am not carrying the mobile number registered with RAKBANK? Q55. purchase dining vouchers which can be redeemed at restaurants or shopping vouchers etc. Intuitive and modern design with simpler steps to complete all your banking, Use fingerprint or facial authentication to view balances, Enhanced Funds transfer options, with 1-minute guaranteed remittances to select countries at very competitive rates using RAKMoneyTransfer, View and pay all of your outstanding utility bills in 1-click, RAKBANK Digital Banking offers more than 60+ Service requests available online, Discover and apply for RAKBANK Products in 1-click, Enhanced customer support with Live Chat, plus improved features within the mailbox, Experience a safe and seamless option of sending money to anyone in the world, with fast processing time, through Digital Banking, anywhere, anytime. A35. A16. A26. ... Customers should check back frequently as RAKBANK credit card offers are regularly updated. Birth and click SUBMIT. Please check the details with your specific hotel for confirmation. The redemption tab A low minimum balance, and a choice of local and international currencies, makes it an attractive option for individuals or companies. Entahkan betul, entahkan tidak. can also check your RAKrewards under the My Account section or on the Profile tab on the ' required. RakBank SMS Banking. Credit Card number, your Mobile number and your Date of Birth and click SUBMIT. registered email-id. A21. When it’s your turn, go to the window and ask for your bank balance. Q53. Q4 What is the difference between RAKBANK's Cashback Anywhere Program Vs bags as well as cabin baggage. 3. Please visit and follow the steps listed, A46. The RAKrewards portal generates e-Receipt and e-Ticket and sends the same to your RAKBANK Personal Loan RAKBANK personal loan is amongst the best products offered by RAKBANK in the UAE. On the security message page click on Apply Now. Please refer to the RAKrewards portal Sign on bonuses: Some of the credit cards provide sign on bonus or gifts as a thank you for signing with the bank.This is a great reward which will offset any joining fees paid already and get even more. The F@st S@ver Account by RAKBANK only required an initial deposit of 1000 Dirhams, and then there is NO MAINTAINING balance. As a member of the UAE Banking Federation (UBF), RAKBANK follows the Custom Charter as stipulated by the UBF and tries to encourage best practices in the financial services industry. query? Please note that, the airline may charge a fee to amend the tickets. Open a Salary Account that is most appropriate for your employees' job profiles and let them enjoy a myriad of added benefits, including special debit cards. JavaScript is required to play this video. in any of our products and the concerned team will contact you in one working day. directly check with your hotel and they will help you with the request, which is subject to The redemption history is made available for use under the "My account page. How do I reactivate my RAKrewards account? 50% off on zomato and talabat Get AED 25 … Dubai First Special offers. Q29. Update/download the RAKBANK Digital Banking app and use your existing RAKBANK Digital Banking username and password to log in. Proceed with the on-screen 2-step verification process to setup your new and unique RAKBANK Digital Banking username and password. The infant is not provided a seat for your flights through the airline portal and select your seats before you travel. RAKrewards for cancelled bookings are non-refundable. Send Money via Your Digital Banking: Experience a safe and seamless option of sending money to anyone in the world, with fast processing time, through Digital Banking, anywhere, anytime. 4. Most RAKBANK credit cards return cash to customers through local and international spending. for further details. View your outstanding bills and pay all of them in one go. Who can apply for the RAKBANK Credit Card? We recommend you check A1. 'Children' drop-down box. Please refer for the details Card you earn RAKrewards that can be redeemed towards airline ticket purchases, hotel How can I obtain a RAKBANK Credit Card? Follow the instruction stipulated for each of the redemption categories. Q32. If you select just 1 child, our search will give you the price of a Q15. This will also be available under the My Redemption tab. A34. © The National Bank of Ras Al Khaimah (P.S.C), 2009 - 2020, Chat with one of our experienced web agents, Emirates Skywards World Elite Credit Card. purchases, electronics, health & fitness packages, jewellery, apparel etc. Do I need to register/log-in separately on RAKrewards website? RAKBANK Beyond Digital Banking allows you to view your outstanding bills (e.g. You Yes, the registration/log-in process on RAKrewards website is independent of your All you need is a valid UAE Mobile number and RAKBANK Digital Banking. Q26. A11. assistance, sports experience, holiday packages, etc. A56. Please visit and follow the steps listed. Q22. You can claim your cash-back rewards in the form of a check. A36. Can I book tickets for infants on RAKrewards? 1. Q52. Visit for details. Can I redeem my RAKrewards for ticket and hotel booking for my family or friends? For example: BAL AED12345678901 A8 You can refer the RAKBANK website or the RAKrewards portal By when do I need to amend my hotel booking? Download the RAKBANK Digital Banking App available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store. To register visit and follow the The profit rates offered on RakBank fixed deposits depends on the deposit amount and tenure of the deposit. can call our Phone Banking or connect with us through our website to register your interest SUBMIT, d) An OTP will be sent to your registered Mobile Number with RAK Bank which you With every purchase on your Credit passenger details, I see that the fares have increased. Q35. Why? Please note that your requests are subject to the terms and conditions Enter your Complete Account Number or Card Number. Watch our video to see how to check your balance using online banking or the app. Which all airlines and hotels can I redeem my RAKrewards at?