Regarding what to shoot, I know that the M42 Orion Nebula is a suitable target for my kind of gear in the winter time in the Northern Hemisphere (Ottawa, Canada), but can you recommend other suitable targets I should be considering as well? See The Astrophotographer's Guidebook for a complete physical guide of the best targets of the year! If you can't fit more than the Trapezium core of M42 in your field of view, then give M1 a … Winter brings air with low absolute humidity and great deep space targets. Summer astrophotography targets. Being from north NJ, the skies in the Keys are obviously very different 20 degrees south from where I do the vast majority of imaging. For example, for me, there are more targets in winter that require a large field of view and more that require a narrow higher-magnification field in summer. I made this guide for the beginners who only have a DSLR and a tripod, or a DSLR and a small tracker. After capturing the 3 “beginner targets”, I had to either spend hours on Stellarium hesitating on which target to do next, or just take 100 shots of a random one and hope for the best. So I tend to mount a short-focal-length scope as winter approaches, then change to a long-focal-length scope in spring. Standard Targets. Triangulum Galaxy. Surface Brightness: 23. Recommended Focal Length: 300mm. Photos shown here were taken with a crop sensor mirrorless camera and standard lenses, using the MSM Rotator. Winter Star Party Astrophotography targets? Spring astrophotography targets. WINTER - 15 best astrophotography targets for WINTER. I would not have attempted this deep-sky target had I not been using a narrowband H-Alpha filter. The harsh and yet beautiful winter conditions make it a perfect environment for astrophotography. If you’re into astrophotography, the colder temps will help keep the noise down in long exposures of your digital camera. Now that we’ve selected a good target, our next step is to find it. Astrophotography Targets. Late September is usually when temperatures start to drop in most areas. Or get the digital version for half the price HERE! The favorite targets for most amateur astronomers are what are called "deep-sky objects." Winter is a wonderful time of year for viewing. The moon in relation to my astrophotography target on Jan. 14th, 2017 On January 14th, 2017, my target was a little closer to the moon than I would have liked it. Despite the fact that the Milky Way core tends to be more visible during summer seasons, other celestial bodies tend to be better during the winter seasons. Winter astrophotography targets. This is a good target for beginners with high focal-length scopes. I'm a complete novice at this aspect of astrophotography and any assistance would be great appreciated. Different Names: M 33, NGC 598. - posted in Beginning and Intermediate Imaging: Im very much looking forward to my second WSP, but first in the Keys (I attended in 2018 when it was at Chielfland Village). Learn about some of our favourite astrophotography targets that we have listed in our archives. Autumn astrophotography targets ... Winter. The bugs of summer are gone, winter's cold has not set in and it gets dark at a reasonable hour. The famous Crab Nebula, a thousand year-old remnant of a supernova, is a favorite target of most astrophotographers. As a result, preparing for astrophotography in winter as an astrophotographer is vital. Approximate Location: between Andromeda and Triangulum.