By Kim Forrest October 14, 2020 50 Adrienne & Amber Photography Our wedding is booked for the end of April 2021. Let’s look at the possible wedding dates … Patrizia Cilli, Wedding Planner at says: ' I believe in 2021 will we witness a boom in weddings (at least this is the forecast but of course it all depends on the pandemic situation). Buzz was that the childhood lovers were planning to have a destination wedding in Thailand this year but owing to the current scenario, the couple is going to have a wedding in Mumbai itself. Unless there is a similar exception in Adjusted guidelines this would extremely limit weddings taking place (if used in 2021). Weddings in 2021 won’t care about following tradition, they’ll be a joyous explosion of individualism. Get Ready For The New Normal. In 2021 if there is another strong surge of the virus, Level 5 may have to be used. Many Saturdays in 2021 for Stephenson … Many Saturdays in 2021 for Stephenson … As a result, scores of weddings that were supposed to take place in 2020 have been moved to 2021, and they land on the calendar on top of the weddings that were already planned for 2021 … I’ve seen some horrible venues saying if the govt. While a good best man and maid of honor toast is much appreciated, weddings will be innately more intimate in 2021, meaning most guests will have a rather close relationship to the couple. Maine and Arjo have been together for more than a year now. If You're Planning a Wedding in 2021 There’s a lot to think about when planning your big day —no matter where your wedding date falls on the calendar. Here’s what weddings will look like next year according to 2021’s trends. Wedding Trends 2021. So, we won't know what will happen with travel regulations in September, but I think it's safe to say to postpone any international destination weddings until 2021. August 2021 Ten percent of all weddings happen in August - it's a popular time of year for those who love a sunny summer day. The date hasn't been revealed as yet but blame it on the lockdown, it'll happen any time between this December and 2021 summer. While 25% of weddings have been postponed for late 2020, 44% of weddings have been rescheduled to 2021 - making it … The couple has reportedly been told that if the vaccine is fully distributed before the end of 2021, they can still have their wedding at the venue. I’m nervous going through with a full ceremony in 2021 will feel like playacting! Here are a few things that Prerna feels the weddings in 2021 would look like! Massachusetts wedding planners say 2021 dates are filling up. In the past many couples have followed a well trodden format; with familial expectations (and sometimes pressure) playing a huge part in this. Although couples are considering smaller … One in three weddings happen on a weekday, according to the report from The Knot, and the brand projects an uptick in weekday weddings next year. "Weddings are going to be what everyone looks forward to during the long days ahead. Check your own calendar for college reunions, family weddings, anniversaries or other events, like big conventions or festivals in your city (call your local chamber of commerce), and any annual occasions that involve your family or close friends. Create smaller guest lists in case you need to scale down. While 2021 looks promising on the wedding front, we know there would definitely be more cautiousness. I’ve seen blogs telling people not to reschedule for Spring 2021 because the pandemic will still be ongoing. The Wedding Dates to Avoid in 2021, 2022, and 2023 Check out our list of dates in 2021, 2022, and 2023 that you MIGHT want to avoid for your own wedding day. “Then you can talk to your family and closest loved ones to see if any of those dates work,” she shares. Wedding ceremonies with limited guest numbers are allowed to take place across the UK, but we should return to "normal" by summer 2021, Boris Johnson has announced. Friday the 13th falls in August 2021, so avoid this weekend if … Level 4 Plus/Adjust For the remainder of 2020 Level 4 will be as outlined in the exception in Level 5 Adjusted. Many Saturdays in 2021 for Stephenson … One in three weddings happen on a weekday, according to the report from The Knot, and the brand projects an uptick in weekday weddings next year. Sustainability. This is a trend that certainly won’t be going anywhere for 2021 as couples embrace … While the latest wedding trends change, so do tastes, and what people wish to spend their money on when it … These Are the Celebrity Weddings We Can't Wait to See in 2021 Among the joys 2020 has taken from us: The option to drool over celeb weddings, But this year's scramble to … One in three weddings happen on a weekday, according to the report from The Knot, and the brand projects an uptick in weekday weddings next year. But on the other hand, my fiancx and I can’t imagine not exchanging vows in front of our whole family/friends, nor giving up the pageantry and fun of the big wedding ceremony we’ve been looking forward to! Upheaval aside, many have still managed to walk up the aisle this year embracing the 'new normal' - alternative, socially distanced, intimate weddings complete with face masks and hand sanitiser for all. Some couples still want to plan celebrations on their wedding … Speculations surfaced that celebrity couple Maine Mendoza and Arjo Atayde will get married in 2021 because of this statement from the latter’s mother, veteran actress Sylvia Sanchez. The postponements and cancellations have rocked the wedding industry, causing layoffs and a backlogged 2021 season. What will weddings look like in 2021 and beyond? Still, weddings are the ultimate exercise in optimism, and most wedding professionals I heard from are looking forward to a future when things return to normal—probably in 2021. When it comes to starting the process of choosing a 2021 date, Clark advises it’s best to ask for available dates from your venues first. We are pretty much getting used to the phrase "the new normal". It makes sense that the wedding trends predicted for 2021 are affected by everything that’s happening this year. Weddings are very personal and there is no wedding that fits all, everyone with want something slightly different be it the dress, catering, styling or flowers. Wedding celebrations are changing as we know them. Fast. "2021 is going to be the busiest year for weddings in history,” says Bridebook founder, Hamish Shephard. "If nothing else, it's a pretty safe bet that the vaccine will be in place by fall and that fall 2021 weddings are going to happen," she said. What will happen next in the relationship between Maine Mendoza and Arjo Atayde? 2021 wedding trends shift to accommodate the ongoing uncertainty of COVID-19 Christen A. Johnson, Chicago Tribune; Nov 18, 2020 ... One in three weddings happen … 2020 has caused havoc for the wedding industry crushing business for suppliers and throwing much longed for plans out the window for couples. "Very soon there’s going to be no availability," one planner said. Auspicious Marriage Dates In January 2021 While this month is going to be a number of weddings in 2021 as everyone who is postponing weddings in 2020 or has had to cancel due to coronavirus will be aiming at January 2021. But based on the hints the government have been dropping it looks like the way we live our life could start to return to normal from next February. says they can provide a wedding for even 10 people social distanced then they won’t allow rescheduling. 16 April 2021 (Friday) 17 April 2021 (Saturday) 22 April 2021 (Thursday) Here are the most auspicious dates for weddings in the month of April 2021.