03-25-2016, 09:10 PM #5. ruger also makes a 7 shot gp100 but in 327 magnum not 357. unless there is a gun i really want i kind of let the price decide which one i get. I like the gun and it shoots well. That thing is gorgeous. The Ruger GP100 Match Champion's barrel is a departure from the usual GP100 barrel. If you ever get into the content business, whether it’s online, in print, or in TV, you’ll realize something very quickly: one of the easiest ways to generate material is to look at new products. Ruger’s official GP100 Match Champion Video (also starring our buddy Kurt Hindle) Caleb at Gun Nuts will be shooting the Match Champion in competition for all of 2014 . Plus I actually already have an M&P R8 on order so I'm thinking to try Ruger again. A few friends into revolvers generally seems to prefer S&W's but I've been reading positive reviews on the GP100 Match Champion so I'm starting to get interested. I don't know anything about the Ruger. As you would expect, the larger mass of the S&W definitely tamed the recoil much better than the Ruger. I want to be able to shoot .40 S&W in the 10mm GP100 but it isn’t a reality at the moment. I have been thinking about trading it for a Ruger GP100. I have a S&W Model 19 357 Mag with a 4" barrel. When I compared the Wiley Clapp GP100 to the GP100 Match Champion, another of the “premium” GP100s, I noted that only the Wiley Clapp’s frame and cylinder had been contoured and beveled. revolver successfully blends the superior toughness of the GP100 design with the slicked-up features many IDPA competitors have in mind. The Ruger GP100 has been a mainstay in the company’s double-action revolver line since it first rolled off the assembly line in 1986, and its new Match Champion is purpose-built for competition use. ruger a bit heavier, and cheaper but a little more difficut to clean, but cheaper. Ruger GP100 vs S&W 686. Looking for Ideal molds 419181 (44 Evans Long) and 375167 (38-72) "Joined Dates" are deceiving if you factor-in "lurk" dates. The new Ruger GP100 Match Champion .357 Mag. I've recently been considering picking up a Smith M66 because it's a beautiful gun, but then I saw the Ruger GP100 Match Champion. the smith is usually lighter, better finish, easier to clean, but more expensive. PerpetualStudent. Can you give me some pro's and cons with the GP100 compared to the Model 19? The new barrel has flat sides, and the underlug stretches just a bit more than halfway instead of going all the way to the muzzle. First Impressions. Such a conversion would theoretically allow one to fire the 10mm Magnum as well as 10mm Auto and .40 S… Additionally, the Match Champion’s trigger guard assembly was much more coarser feeling and overall less finished. Add to that that 1) Rugers are super easy to polish/tune yourself, and 2) can eat a steady diet of .357 Mags and not loosen and Ruger's … Geordie Pickard. Price wise, the Ruger costs a bit less although guns in general are expensive where I'm from. The Speer Gold Dot boasts the company’s Uni-Cor bonding process, which prevents jacket-core separation. Despite the 10mm’s reputation for power, the Ruger GP100 Match Champion is all about speed. I have shot a Ruger GP100 Match Champion and it is a very fine piece of equipment for sure! imo both are high quality firearms and i own both . The Ruger GP100 Match Champion was conceived by several members of our team that wanted a competition-worthy revolver." Some Match Champion owners have even converted their cylinders to fire 10mm Magnum (10×32). August 26, 2017. smith vs ruger.