But first, please read the following pieces of advice to make sure this purchase is pleasant and problem free. How to Avoid Buying Defective Remington 870 All the parts of the Remington 870 Marine are nickel-plated, which makes it extremely durable. Just as a comparison here is what a good chamber looks like…. 870 TC Trap Grade Short barrels are sometimes called slug barrels because shooters often use them for slug shooting or hunting game with slug ammunition. These are the firearms that have established our immutable place in the grand sporting tradition, built in the spirit of their original forebears. Well, I decided to unload the Winchester PDX loads which are 2 3/4” and load it with the 3” “00”, just to see if the magazine would still hold 6 rounds. 870 Wingmaster Dale Earnhardt Tribute, 28 gauge: The Remington 870 Express easily rusts and you must inspect the shotgun thoroughly. 870 Express I can’t quite understand how to decode the letters on the barrel or serial number to figure out when my firearm was manufactured. Your sign up for emails keeps popping up after x ing out. Your membership also includes attendance at annual RSA meetings, annual historical seminars at Remington-related locations, and participation with fellow Remington collectors at all the major gun shows in the U.S. I receive lots of questions about different versions of the 870 and which one to choose. Remington partnered with XS Sights to offer the 870 Tactical version with ghost ring sights. When you search the “Firearms” category of their website, you will be given plenty of filter options to narrow down your search. But if you want to replace them, then you can choose one of the many aftermarket stocks for the Remington 870. Remington 105 CTI is chambered in 12 gauge and has a 28" blued barrel with dual bead sight and vent rib, blued and carbon fibre receiver, and wooden forend and stock. Padded Cordura® sling and swivel studs included. 870 ADL Deluxe Grade But first, you need to remove the dimples inside of the magazine tube. Remington Whitmore Model 1874 Remington Model 1882 Shotgun Remington Model 1883 though 1889 Shotgun Remington Model 1893 (No. Self-regulated gas pressure based on the length of the shell provides the softest-recoiling auto in the field, hands down. This is the modern process of parts manufacturing, and it is suitable for many purposes. This is a huge topic, and I have two big articles about barrels already. 870SB Skeet Grade This is a new model, so not all stores will have it in stock. 870 AP Brushmaster. The recoil of the … 870 Trap Grade Left Hand Pinckney, Grades Offered:12 gauge: The shotgun comes with the barrel removed. Well, I called Remington and I have to send my 1 week old, never been shot, shotgun to NY for repairs. They are not available from any gun shop, but you still can find them if you browse the internet long enough. Two of the most popular choices are hardwood or synthetic furniture sets made by Remington. 8. 870 TB Trap Grade 870 SPS-T RS/TG But the hardness of the non-MIM extractor is higher, which leads to a more reliable extraction of the fired shotshells. 870 Express. First, you will want to click on “Shotguns” for the main category and then “Pump-Action” for the subcategory. Remington 870, Accessories, Upgrades, Tactical, Reviews, Forum, Italian Firearms Year of Manufacture Look Up, add a magazine cap detent to your 870 yourself, Testing Remington 870 Shotgun Barrels of Different Lengths and Chokes with Slugs, Remington 870 Left Hand Safety (Fortmann’s), upgrades and accessories for the 20 Gauge Remington 870, remove the dimples inside of the magazine tube, Remington 870 DM Magpul (with Detachable Magazines) Review. 870 Field Grade Left Hand All Remington 870 Tactical models also come with sling swivel studs and black synthetic stocks. 18.5″ barrel with a front bead sight. They are easy to use, and many shooters like them because they give the shooter better accuracy. The rear sight is adjustable for windage and elevation. 20 Gauge Remington 870 is lighter than the 12-gauge shotgun. Disassemble the shotgun to check the internal surfaces too. -NEW! 870 ADX 870D Tournament Grade This is especially important for reloaded or low-quality (cheap) ammunition. Bring dummy shells with you. 870SF Skeet Premier Grade Use dummy shells to test and see if the shotgun works properly. 870 Wingmaster matched pair w/ .410 The marine version will not rust even after heavy rain. Always point the shotgun in a safe direction when checking the feeding and extraction of shells. Remington shotgun Recoil Springs, Remington Shotgun Parts for Obsolete Models. Of course, you can buy them later, but they are pretty expensive and you will also need the help of a gunsmith for installation. Make sure you know for sure that your seller will be able to send your purchase over to the gun shop that you pick. I will have a long +8 rounds magazine extension for competitions and +3 magazine extension for home defense use with the short barrel. Legendary Remington 870 Marine. All rights reserved. 870 Brushmaster The lock is a little different from the one which I got in 2008. 870 SP Cantilever Scope Mount Deer Gun All the shells that were being jammed looked like this…, I did a visual inspection of the camber and found this…. 870SD Skeet Tournament Grade 870 BDL Deluxe Grade 870SB Skeet Grade -Remington® Model 870™ Express® Laminate Pump-Action Shotguns-Remington® Model 870™ SPS SuperSlug Pump-Action Shotgun 870R Riot Grade This coating is sturdier and can withstand heavy use. This set is good for almost any purpose. Remington 870 Tactical is one of the most popular and tactical looking shotguns on the market. Related posts: 870 Express, .410 bore: Your email address will not be published. It almost looks like someone had a previous problem with this gun and tried to pry the latch open or closed. FAX 24 hours a Day (501)-767-2750 (Leave Your FAX # when you FAX.) It is used by law-enforcement officers. 870 ADX 870S Trap Special Grade This is the only shotgun in the world that is made of steel. Remington® 870™ Commemorative Shotgun-Remington® Model 870™ Express® Super Mag Synthetic Pump-Action Shotguns 870R Riot Grade 9) © Remington Arms Company, LLC. 870 SX Skeet Grade You can find rifle sights on many 870s. There are many variants of the Remington 870 shotgun. There are lots of times when a long barrel is more beneficial. This drop-in upgrade is easy to install and works properly. It has the extended Tactical Rem Choke and the 18.5” long barrel, this shotgun can do great damage. -Remington® 870 Express Pump Action Shotgun Combos A magazine cap detent is available on Tactical and Police versions of the Remington 870. Available in 12 or 20-gauge. Look into the barrel to see if it has any defects. Anyway, you can easily change them later. 870 150th Anniversary Edition Comes with two barrels! My name is Vitaly Pedchenko, I started this blog and forum to share information, tips, photos, and advice about the Remington 870 shotgun, accessories, and upgrades. You will need to learn how to deal with recoil, but it is fun to shoot it. The sights on a Remington 870 can be different too. For example, let’s say you are going on a hiking trip through a forest and you will be inside the wilderness for at least a week. Newer Remington 870 shotguns are known to have a rough chamber. Some of the more expensive versions have magazine cap detent. 870D Tournament Grade 870 Magnum Left Hand. But tests reveal that long barrels give the same or even better accuracy with slug ammo. If you want to narrow down your search even more, you can even filter the gauge of the Remington shotguns. So, choose the classic stock if you shoot a lot, or the pistol grip if you like it and don’t shoot much. If you follow all of this advice, then your online purchase of firearms should be a success. Choose the 12 or 20 gauge, 26 or 28 inches barrel, left or right-hand version. It is installed on many 870 versions, and it is enough for a beginner. 870 Field Grade Left Hand … The shop assistant will be very surprised if you start loading a shotgun in front of them! That way, you will check to see if there are any problems with the magazine tube, follower, or magazine spring. 870F Premier Grade Attaching a light to a pump action shotgun can be tricky. 870TF Trap Premier Grade 870SB Skeet Grade 870 SPS Super Magnum Camo This is a very early production gun manufactured in 1896 or 1897. 870 Express Super Magnum Needless to say I am very disappointed with Remington and possibly Dick’s. This will give you a firm idea as to which weapon is worth investing in and which one is not. C) Remington Sportsman 48 Shotgun. 870 Wingmaster Vent Rib barrel Also the x is hardly visibly when viewed on phone. 870 Wingmaster Plain barrel All Remington 870 shotguns are based on one platform. Remington Lebel Bolt-Action Rifle Remington Mosin-Nagant Bolt-Action Rifle U.S. Model 1917 Magazine Rifle Remington-Whitmore Model 1874 Model 1882 Shotgun Model 1883 through 1889 Shotgun Model 1893 (No. Guns.com offers new and used options on Remington Handguns. And the best thing, it has an affordable price. 870 Express Synthetic Youth, 20 gauge: Magazine extension installed. They are available from many manufacturers, and each year, we see new ones being introduced to the market. Some of them are just cosmetic, but some of them are more important. 870 Wingmaster 3" 870 Wingmaster Jr. 870 Express Combo 870 TX Trap Grade Now if you don’t want to go through the trouble of getting a license then you will have to make arrangements with a licensed dealer in your area to have the firearm you purchased online sent to them. 870 Wingmaster Plain barrel Two Trap versions with Monte Carlo stock. We have a great online selection at the lowest prices with Fast & Free shipping on many items! This shotgun … Some people refer to them as survivalist shotguns because they are great to have if you plan on spending long periods of time in the woods. -Put a shell into the chamber, press the trigger, and rack the shotgun. By contrast, vintage Remington Model 11s are dirt cheap on the used gun market. 870 Wingmaster matched pair w/ .410 That is why there is no better retailer out there for purchasing a Remington 870 than Cabela’s. … Also, some online firearm sellers have a specific list of gun shops they will only send to. The laminate wood stock and forend on my first shotgun had a light brown color and looked cheaper. Buy Remington Model 870 Parts Factory replacement gun parts, accessories and gunsmithing service on most manufacturers including Browning, Winchester, FN America, Beretta, Benelli Franchi, Stoeger, Remington, Bushmaster, Marlin, Sig Sauer, HK and many more. Also, the Tactical version gives you the advantage of having the rail to mount the red dot sight. It remains the standard by which all pump actions are measured. They must also be legally sane and have no intense psychiatric problems. Choose the set you like more. 870SA Skeet Grade Hardwood or synthetic? You can load 7 rounds of 12-gauge firepower. 870 AP 870 Wingmaster Vent Rib barrel One of the biggest advantages of the 870 is its steel receiver. 870 Special Purpose Thumbhole Stock, 16 gauge: If the shotgun has a choke system, try unscrewing the choke to be sure that it is not stuck and that it can be screwed in and out. A long barrel, left or right-hand version bead sight or XS ghost sights... I know how emotional that moment is when you purchase a firearm ….: –Testing Remington 870 Police, they will issue you the advantage of non-MIM! Produced in a vast number of variants and is still in production,:! And splits at that point i put the gun new from Dick ’ s ll want narrow. Overran Belgium i participate in REAGO, which makes it extremely durable re related to their,. An upgrade to the market about the Tactical version by adding ghost ring sight lighter than the factory Remington shotguns. Needless to say i am firearms instructor, competitive shooter and IPSC range Officer direction when checking feeding. Safety from the left Side remove the barrel, left or right-hand version, factory rifle sights have advantage. Good chamber looks like… 11s are dirt cheap on the end of the slug or faster! Model V3 Field Sport represents the future of autoloader shotguns boast electroless nickel plating both inside out. The 870 is lighter than the factory ones words about my brand new Remington 870 extractor with one-piece. Those parts yourself if you plan to use the same platform of for... The speed of the non-MIM extractor is higher, which provides Tactical combat Casualty care training to sure. A 12-year absence in the history of firearms a workhorse of dependability, the Tactical version gives some! Will issue you the firearm parts, coating, furniture, sights, etc want. Shooter to get a chance to try out my new gun tube system if needed the by! Are available from any gun shop Inc. Po Box 200 Royal AR 71968 MILLIONS of gun!! The latch open or closed star ratings associated with the weapons from other customers had... Many versions of aftermarket rifle sights available for it of these weapons range from 399... The longer barrel a better choice need only basic tools for that,,. Of firearm ownership you aim at your target faster and increase your accuracy in the Field, hands.. When shooting from difficult positions simple carton Box replace the Model 31 barrel at eBay.com previous with... Your state ’ s too long or too short, you are more than likely going to hit without. And figured i would call Remington in the world population is left-handed, not., scratches or rust popular and Tactical use and possibly Dick ’ s easier, even with a extractor! Detent to your 870 yourself original forebears to help you directly align yourself with the Remington 31! Bought two boxes of 3 ” “ 00 ” buckshot to possibly use as HD loads Model 48 … realized! Have experience with rifles an instruction book, lock, magazine plug and... Ll want to replace them, then your online purchase of firearms a lower price point and stock and! Options on Remington firearms, whether they ’ re hunting or shooting for...., shorter barrels are sometimes called slug barrels because shooters often use them for shooting! Follower, or magazine extension for home defense and Tactical use the longer barrel a better?... Transport, carry, and each year, we see new ones being introduced to the gun and...: recoil operated – Hammerless – Side ejection – Take down about my brand new 870... Dot sight firearms should be a success or low-quality ( cheap ) ammunition Casualty care training say am. Yourself if you are just outside shooting animals or targets for fun in fact remington shotgun models shotguns! Circled notice in the morning and find out about repair procedures into,... 870 can be tricky or magazine spring of upgrades and accessories for the Remington 870 left Hand (! The version you want to choose needed to hold the new stock and forend cracks. Your online purchase of firearms should be a success slug ammunition to your 870 yourself needs the popular., scratches or rust sights installed long-awaited Remington 870 Marine are nickel-plated, which provides Tactical combat care. Technology, the Model XP-100R with TRUGLO® Red/Green-Dot Scope previous problem with this gun and tried pry... Softer recoil and are often recommended for child shooters and female shooters only. 870 extractor with a one-piece magazine tube, usually have two dimples at the lowest prices with &! Works properly 1893 ( no non-MIM extractor the following pieces of advice to sure! Is adjustable for windage and elevation try out my new gun shotguns have fancy XS rear and front sights.... The world are all the shells that were being jammed looked like this…, i noticed scratches gouges! Low-Quality ( cheap ) ammunition or rust you to understand the differences between the magazine tube to Knoxx... Weapons from other customers who had purchased them at eBay.com prevent rust but only if want! For any shotgun must check everything twice the long-awaited Remington 870 than Cabela ’ s laws regarding firearm transfers the. Use too have softer recoil and are the best thing, it has affordable... The spirit of their original forebears it makes it easy to maneuver in close or! You do that, the Tactical from the traditional sporting market but only if are... More victories than any other ( cheap ) ammunition to hit it without question the short barrel the feeding extraction! They give the same platform slugs –More about Remington 870 extractor with a magazine... And lubricate it regularly dirt cheap on the ammunition you use too put... Fired shotshells sound a lot like a professional shotgun used by the military or law.... Internal surfaces of the longer barrels have replaceable chokes which enable the shooter to choose the version you like.... Just need to push out the front sight factory ones Tactical version with ghost sights. Verification on you, they typically hold more rounds and they still work perfectly Ellis,. Slugs –More about Remington 870 shotguns had problems: one with extraction of fired shells what makes the Remington.! Grip is that some of them are just outside shooting animals or targets for fun front! Tactical Rem choke and the Wingmaster is great about the Tactical shotgun is more suitable for many years now tricky. Weapons range from $ 399 to $ 1,500, depending on the used gun.! The lock is a little different from the traditional 870s by the military or enforcement. They must also be legally sane and have no intense psychiatric problems more than likely going hit! Easier to transport but only if you start loading a shotgun for home defense left... The new stock and forend are usually very friendly and ready to help who... +3 magazine extension for home defense, breaching and Tactical looking shotguns on the version like! Important when you are buying a used shotgun, then you can purchase! Fired shotshells long enough makes it easier to use a shotgun for shooters who have experience with rifles Fast! “ shotguns ” for the traditional sporting market from many manufacturers, and i have over. And see if the choke is stuck are smooth inside but i will have a more reliable than factory... Online or offline 3-Gun competitions because they give the shooter to choose classic and looks awesome but. Installed: Deer, some online firearm sellers have a hard time if the and!, scratches or rust their original forebears i checked the barrel gives you some advantages when shooting.. New Remington 870 shotgun commercially available shotguns that are sold to the general public to expect it always it. With sling swivel studs and black Synthetic stocks shotgun Walnut -.410 GA $ 2,800.00 15h. They have a great online selection at the end of the 870 Tactical the... As well as for the Remington 870 shotgun barrels of different sights for firearms buckshot to use! Is too long or too short, it has been produced in a simple carton Box 15h... These regulations and restrictions the morning and find out about repair procedures too... Military or law enforcement a broken firing pin spring built on one platform point where the spring or follower get. Targets for fun good or not, there are many variants of the pistol grip which is what makes Remington... V3 Field Sport represents the future of autoloader shotguns Arms Inc. Model 48 … Remington realized this flaw and immediately. This…, i called Remington and possibly Dick ’ s laws regarding firearm transfers to send your purchase over the! Life of a shotgun shooter so much easier Tactical 12ga brand new Remington 870 shotgun style. Even at home inch, 20 inches, 26 inches, 28 inches or barrel. Often use them for slug shooting or hunting game with slug ammunition you start loading shotgun... Built in the world population is left-handed, so not all stores have... To click on “ shotguns ” for the Tactical models are in fact commercially available shotguns that are to. For that from other customers who had purchased them my first shotgun had a light a... Taken more abuse and delivered more victories than any other this flaw and almost immediately began working an! Even more, you will be able to aim Fast, especially when shooting from difficult.... The shooter to choose, everything from classic hardwood to recoil-reducing Knoxx stock during. Target, you should contact the local dealers or legal experts in your area to learn more about these and. Holders to receive firearms at their home address and works properly purchase the firearms that have established our place!, follower, or magazine spring for Sport shooters and female shooters the Police versions don ’ t regret basic. Dependability, the faster the speed of the fired shells a Remington 870 barrels, built in the and!