Lowest Temperature Tolerance: -20 °C to -15 °C (-4 °F to 5 °F) We aim to dispatch orders within 3-5 days if the product is in stock at our UK nursery. This means it is perfect to bring the unique look of big grasses like the Porcupine Grass or Zebra Grass to your small garden. The grass is happy in full sun with well drained, moist soil. Smaller and easier to maintain than other Zebra Grasses. You won't have to worry about an invasive spreading grass with this little clumping gem. Copyright © 2020 Garden Plants Online. This dwarf grass only reaches 36 to 40 inches in height and forms a weeping mound. All Rights Reserved. Miscanthus sinensis 'Little Zebra' (Eulalia 'Little Zebra' ) will reach a height of 1.2m and a spread of 0.9m after 2-5 years. Size: To 5 feet tall. Final Sideways Spread: 100cm (3.2 ft). Giant trees will like giant planters. Miscanthus sinensis ‘Little Zebra’ PP#13,008. Plants should be divided, in the spring, every few years, to maintain freshness. Final Height: 100cm (3.2 ft) or send an email to sales@gardenplantsonline.co.uk. It grows best in full sun with partial shade, and has a growth rate of moderate to fast, reaching up to 7 feet in height and 5 feet in width. Just the looks of Little Zebra Grass makes it a perfect selections as a specimen anywhere in the sunny landscape. Young zebra grass needs regular watering to get established, but a mature specimen will serve as a drought-tolerant ornamental grass. Species: Poaceae We take customer service very seriously and will do everything in our power to rectify mistakes and replace missing or damaged items. The grasses provide four seasons of interest with young spring variegated striped foliage, summer copper colored inflorescence, fall golden leaves and winter texture and form. Perfect for smaller gardens. Zebra grass thrives in plant hardiness zones 4 – 9. 1. plant family of the grasses (Poaceae) 2. popular species: Chinese silver grass (Miscanthus sinensis) 3. favored cultivars: zebra grass (Miscanthus sinensis ‘Zebrinus’) 4. native to China, Japan and Korea 5. persistent, reed-like ornamental grass 6. plant heights of 80 to 400 cm 7. firmly upright, often widely expansive habitus 8. numerous varieties with to some extent colorful blades 9. panicle-like or feathery flower spikes in autumn 1… Little Zebra. However, if you would like to collect your purchases from us directly, please get in touch to arrange an appointment. Orders containing a multiple number of items and travelling less than 100 miles from our UK Nursery (near the town of Horsham in Surrey) will either be delivered using our own vehicles or the National Pallet Line courier service (whichever is better value for you). USPP#13008: unlicensed propagation prohibited. Ease of maintenance and reliable bloom makes this one of the most popular ornamental grasses on the market. Check out our large selection of modern style pots and planters! Height: 36-48 Inches. Dwarf Zebra Maiden Grass (Miscanthus sinensis 'Hinjo') sports spikey leaves with green and gold banding. Planning modern style garden design? Delivery to locations more than 100 miles from our UK Nursery Time to ultimate height 2-5 years Unfortunately we are only able to offer call Backs for Sales Enquiries, For any queries regarding an order already placed, please login to your Customer account. Miscanthus sinensis 'November Sunset' Can I collect my order? It is noted for its compact size, upright form, horizontally-banded foliage and wine-purple flower plumes. Height including Pot: 45cm to 83cm (1.5 ft to 2.7 ft) Plant in a fertile, moist but well-drained soil in full sun to part shade. Courier Delivery of Large Quantity Orders What if there’s something wrong with my delivery? Propagate by dividing clumps in Spring or by sowing seeds in a cold frame in early spring. Spread: What if I missed my delivery? Asexual propagation is prohibited. The cost of these large deliveries is usually between £200 - £400 per order. If you are not present at the time of delivery, our driver will still fulfil your order if it is safe to do so. Common Name: Dwarf Zebra Grass, Ornamental Grass. Suggested Location: Outdoor or Indoor. Miscanthus sinensis 'Morning Light' Variegated Maiden Grass. We will attempt to contact you in the 24 hours before your planned delivery date – to confirm that you are ready to receive the delivery and to arrange a 2 hour time slot for delivery. Deliveries beyond this 100 mile radius will be sent using the courier services explained above. Little Zebra Grass is truly a gift, because it has all the beauty of some very special large ornamental grasses, but it grows just 3 or 4 feet tall. Our driver will deliver your order to the most suitable access point at the property and unload your items to a convenient place. How quickly can you deliver? All delivery times quoted throughout this website are estimates only and whilst we will endeavour to meet or beat them, they cannot be guaranteed. … zebra grass. Zebra grass is the perfect foil for more colourful plants. Your claim may be rejected if we do not hear from you within 48 hours of your delivery date. Miscanthus Luittle Zebra are a compact grass with narrow arching leaves that are dark green with yellow bands also have reddish purple flowers. Instead, we operate a few of our own large-wheelbase vehicles such as Mercedes Sprinter and Ford Transit Luton vans to fulfil orders than are less than 200 miles from our UK Nursery (near the town of Horsham in Surrey). In order to deliver your purchases in the most cost efficient way, we use different methods depending on the size, weight and quantity of your order, as well as the location of the delivery address. From round shrubs to tall walls of quivering spikes, ornamental grasses bring new shapes and textures that will contrast against the twisted roots of trees and the blooms of traditional plants and flowers. Proven Winners - Little Zebra - Dwarf Zebra Grass - Miscanthus sinensis purple red plant details, information and resources. Height. Any individual purchases of less than 20 kg in weight and less than 50 cm in height and that are suitable to be packaged in a box, can be shipped using a 24 Hour courier service such as DHL, DPD or APC. A striking grass that is perfect for containers, garden borders, and naturalized areas or water gardens. Sat. It can be cut as low as 10 cms or 4 inches from ground level and will still reach heights in excess of 1.2 metres plus annually. Please contact us within 48 hours of delivery by sending an email with details of your concern to customerservice@gardenplantsonline.co.uk In case of zebra grass, the height may range between six and seven feet. Where do you deliver to? Foliage Color. Foliage dries and turns almond in late fall, usually remaining attractive all winter long. Wherever possible, we usually use our own delivery vans for orders travelling less than 100 miles from our UK Nursery (near the town of Horsham in Surrey). 11868 MINERAL RD.