This wine with a whiskey soul features notes of red and dark fruit, maple, and spice with a long, clean finish. Streams of bubbles with notes of bright cherry and red fruit with layers of fresh citrus, leading to a crisp finish. Explore them all today. The Big Six wine is notable for being aged in bourbon barrels for … If you’re one for lovin’ on sweet-ish, juicy smackin’, full-bodied reds, RUN, don’t walk, to pick up this bottle. 918 reviews. 82 points Apothic 2018 Cabernet Sauvignon (California) A strong menthol and chocolate aroma leads to seemingly sweet grape and cherry flavors. 6. Recently, Deb and the Apothic team launched their new wine, Apothic Brew.Apothic Brew is a one-of-a-kind wine infused with cold brew coffee. By Kelly M. 1,453 reviews. Similar wines usually cost 56% more. See reviews and pricing for the 2017 vintage. Apothic Red is the bold and intriguing red blend that launched the Apothic legacy, featuring a mix of merlot, cabernet sauvignon, syrah, and zinfandel wine grapes. This California wine indulges the senses with notes of black cherry, vanilla and mocha and a character all its own. Winemaker Debbie Juergenson lets the character and flavor of each varietal guide the shape of her wines. From the makers of Apothic wines, this alluring twist on Cabernet Sauvignon pairs with your night—wherever it takes you. Featured. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. I’m more of a white wine drinker but when I do get reds are usually go with one of these. Get this limited release before it's gone. Sample received courtesy E. & J. Gallo for review purposes. The wine’s maker is a … From the bottle: “Inspired by the ‘Apotheca’ a mysterious place where wine was blended and stored in 13th century Europe, Apothic Red offers a truly unique wine experience. Blend of Zinfandel, Syrah, and Merlot from California. Apothic Red California food pairings: pepper steak, hamburgers, grilled pork chops, meat lovers pizza. When sight is deceived, curiosity awakens. Wine review: Apothic Red Wine 2008 California. Apothic Inferno Red Blend is a bold, intriguing red blend aged for 60 days in charred whiskey barrels. A Red wine from California, United States. Good … These blends are full-bodied, fruit-forward, and have a fair amount of residual sugar. This wine has 5361 mentions of oaky notes (vanilla, chocolate, mocha). 3.9 out of 5. SRP of $14 but available for $7.99 at Costco. Since Apothic Red wine is a widely distributed wine, getting your thirsty hands on a bottle is a pretty easy take —as long as you’re over 21. I’ve started doing a few of these reviews of mass marketed and mass produced wines, in large part because for my cheap wine club, this is my competition.The under $10 or so bottle purchases are the folks, that might step up to the $20 or so level, which is where wine clubs and other similar online sales models start to make more sense. This Apothic Red Review is primarily about this variety of all types of red wine, but since Apothic even makes white wines, some of those will also be reviewed here. Apothic Wines › Customer reviews; Customer reviews. Read our review of Apothic Wines Red Winemaker's Blend 2017 including tasting notes, price and more. Both of them are very good for those red wine lovers, like myself. More Vintages: 2009 2015 2014 2012 2010 . The nose is a pleasant, inviting blend of vanilla, butterscotch, red berries, and black cherry — for me, the butterscotch is dominant in the aroma. Featured Most Recent Highest Grade Lowest Grade Most Helpful With Photo Test Verified. Apothic Red Review Apothic Red Wine is a variety of robust red wines that range anywhere from light to dark. Originally posted on Apothic California Red Wine Review. A review of the Apothic Red Wine. The 2014 Apothic California Red wine boasts several distinct flavors including vanilla, mocha, and hints of black cherry. Only those wines that can deliver exceptional quality for the price are reviewed here. Apothic Red is a blend of Syrah, Zinfandel, and Merlot. It helps to know that, but I really do believe I can taste all three varietals in the blend. Written by Taylor in Almost perfect, Chill with Friends, Easy to Find, Everyday, Red, Under 15 Bucks, Wine Reviews. I really like the Apothic dark reds. 10 of Our Favorite Portuguese Red Wines Perfect for Fall Go beyond Vinho Verde and explore the rich world of Portuguese red wines with these 10 top-rated bottles, each under $20. The grape DNA of this particular red consists of Cabernet Sauvignon, Sryah, Merlot, and Zinfandel. All the 100-Point Wines from Our Top Cellar Selections of 2020 In 2020, we reviewed thousands of wines from around the world, and these 10 scored the highly elusive 100-point score. Which variety would you like to review? Big Six Bourbon Barrel Red Blend. Therefore, I was intrigued when I was sent a bottle of Apothic Red to sample, and review. See the Apothic Wines Red Winemaker's Blend 2017 rating now! Apothic is a true original. Extremely popular wines like Apothic Red, Cocobon, Cupcake Red Velvet and others fall into this group. 10 global ratings. Named for the mysterious place, Apotheca, where vintners stored their most coveted concoctions in 13th century Europe, Apothic blends fuse Old World intrigue with modern sophistication. Apothic Cabernet Sauvignon has hints of jammy dark fruit and vanilla that blend with a silky smooth texture that boldly lingers on the palate. Apothic Crush Red Blend is a decadent red wine blend with medium tannins and a velvety smooth finish. How are ratings calculated? Apothic is known for its aggressively flavorful, low-price red blends, and now it’s making its way into varietal wines for the first time, with a 2018 cabernet sauvignon.. Alas, the wine is unapproachable from any angle, a ballbuster of a wine that is unctuous with notes of cheap candy, way-overripe berries, and Russell Stover-class milk chocolate. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Apothic Red Blend, 750 ml at First, I hope you this Apothic Red review. Beefy, smoky aromas and a soft, sweet blend of blackberry jam and peppery spices make this medium-bodied wine very flavorful. The Apothic Red is a favorite in my circle of family and friends. Immerse your senses in this smooth Cab. Start your review of Apothic Dark Red Blend Red Wine 750ml! United States. Masterly crafted, unexpectedly refreshing, Apothic Sparkling Red is a limited edition wine with a hint of mischief. What results is a luscious, full-bodied wine with the darkness of a Zinfandel, the spiciness of Merlot and Syrah and wonderful structure of the Cabernet? The folks at Apothic tell us that the Sparkling Red will pair with everything. Add New Vintage A pothic winemaker Deb Juergenson is notorious for taking risks and pushing the envelope when it comes to her wine making. Deb is always looking for a unique blend of grapes to create intense aromas and bold flavors. Find a variety. Apothic @ApothicWine @ApothicWine 10. Not for me, it's simply too sweet. 95358. Reviewed by Colin Hewitt I enjoy wine, especially a glass or two of red wine, with a meal, or while relaxing in front of the television; however, I cannot claim to be, and wouldn’t consider myself, a wine expert. Write a review. Apothic Red (Winemaker's Blend) 2017 Good value for money. In this category we highlight the best red blends under $20 in both of those distinct styles so you can decide what you like best! From rich red blends to a semi-sweet white and even a light rosé with dark secrets, Apothic makes wines that are anything but ordinary. It’s not bitter and very smooth. 3.9 out of 5 stars. This Apothic Wines Apothic Red California 2013 was reviewed on February 1, 2015 by Natalie MacLean. Because of their sweetness, wine experts consider these blends to be “entry-level wines.” Here are some purchasing options: Closest place that sells booze: Whether it’s a super market, or liquor store, this wine … septembre 10 2019, 3:15 am. One word: Delicious. 5 star 46% 4 star 34% 3 star 0% (0%) 0% 2 star 0% (0%) 0% 1 star 19% Apothic Wines. Apothic Red is made up of Zinfandel, Merlot, Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon, some of the most popular wines purchased around the country. California. Modesto. Heavenly Hamburger Wine. by Apothic Wines. The wine has the color of an iconic 80’s red leather jacket, Apothic’s scarlet sparkler was masterfully crafted to be refreshing with its lines of ruby bubbles and its notes of bright cherries, zingy citrus and red apples. Average Rating 3.7 (212791 Ratings) Wines. I personally also enjoy the Apothic Dark, which is somewhat on the dry side. The answer: Zinfandel, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, and – in the case of Apothic Red – Syrah. I can't keep enough bottles around because everyone loves this red blend. Contact Apothic 1541 Cummins Drive.