A shrine was constructed to shelter the relics: 10. Blostman: First printed by Cockayne in the Shrine (1868-1869); reprinted, Englische Studien, xviii. (open, save, copy) latimes.com. The old view that the Lares were the deified ancestors of the family has been rejected lately by Wissowa, who holds that the Lar was originally the protecting spirit of a man's lot of arable land, with a shrine at the compitum, i.e. It was also in the material interest of Apollo that the council passed a law which forbade the Greeks to levy tolls on pilgrims to the shrine (Aeschin. About the year 1673, in consequence of the fanatical persecutions of the Mogul emperor, this image was transferred to Nathdvara in Udaipur (Mewar), where the shrine of Srinatha ("the lord of Sri," i.e. 8-12) containing the shrine for official worship, the treasury and other offices. The museum is a shrine to the great Spanish artist. A shrine was constructed to shelter the relics. 650 B.C. It was founded by Donnell O'Brien, king of Thomond (1168-1194); and owes its foundation and name to the presentation to his family of a portion of the true Cross, which attracted numerous pilgrims. The rock-cut shrine at Speos Artemidos, and the temple of Serabit in Sinai are the only other large monuments of this queen yet remaining. The Saivas of southern India, on the other hand, single out as peculiarly sacred five of their temples which are supposed to enshrine as many characteristic aspects (linga) of the god in the form of the five elements, the most holy of these being the shrine of Chidambaram (i.e.". Contemporary historians, however, state that Zobeide was actually buried in Kazemain, and moreover, early writers, who describe the neighbouring tomb and shrine of Ma`ruf Karkhi, make no reference to this monument. Who kept a dead man on a shrine in the basement? inmost shrine in which it is fashioned and nursed, the shrine of this poor heart of mine! The Kubbet-esSakhra, or Dome of the Rock, at Jerusalem, is only a shrine erected over the sacred rock, so that the title often ascribed to it as "the mosque of Omar" is misleading. It was originally intended to form a shrine for Flaxman's marble statue of the poet (now in the National Portrait Gallery), but it proved to be too confined to afford a satisfactory view of the sculptor's work and was at length converted into a museum of Burnsiana (afterwards removed to the municipal buildings). The shrine at Santiago in Gallicia was accepted in an age when evidence and criticism were words of no meaning, and it attracted pilgrims, who brought trade. : The fourth was a temple of a goal, a shrine to what this team was all about. The mosque of the Hasanhn (Or that of the two Hasans) is the most reverenced shrine in the country, and is believed to contain the head of Hosain. Young men flocked to Konigsberg as to a shrine of philosophy. Many Greek inscriptions have been found here, some referring to the shrine. This ecclesiastic related wonderful stories of the shrine of St Thomas in India, and of the miracles wrought there by the body of the apostle, including (fn1) the distribution of the sacramental wafer by his hand. St Patrick's bell, long preserved at Armagh, the oldest Irish relic of its kind, is now, with its shrine of the year 1091, preserved in the museum of the Royal Irish Academy at Dublin. In the interior on the north, the Cappella del Corporale possesses a large silver shrine, resembling in form the cathedral façade, enriched with countless figures in relief and subjects in translucent coloured enamels - one of the most important specimens of early silversmith's work that yet exists in Italy. Plenary indulgences were given for a visit to the shrine, and an official register was kept to record the miracles wrought by the relics of the saint. Judges at the International Criminal Court ordered a radical Islamist on Tuesday to serve nine years in prison for his role in demolishing historic Muslim shrines in Timbuktu, Mali, in the court’s first prosecution of the destruction of cultural heritage as a war crime. In England, indeed, the shrine of St James of Compostella became practically the most favoured devotional resort; and in the 12th century its visitation had attained such popularity that a pilgrimage thither was ranked on a level with one to Rome or Jerusalem (Honor. His name is preserved in the Sicilian Minoa, and his tomb was pointed out in the neighbourhood of Agrigentum, with a shrine above dedicated to his native Aphrodite, the lady of the dove; and in this connexion it must be observed that the cult of Eryx perpetuates to much later times the characteristic features of the worship of the Cretan Nature goddess, as now revealed to us in the palace of Cnossus and elsewhere. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. As these began to develop in civilization, they substituted, at least so far as their shrine was concerned, buildings of mud-brick for reed huts. Application for membership of The living rosary of the Shrine of our Lady Walsingham. The mosque/ shrine was desecrated by vandals. They visited the Shrine of Our Lady to pray for redemption. Copyright © 2020 LoveToKnow. 52- Pilgrims also visit shrines to seek the intercession of the saint for special favors, be it a cure for illness or the birth of a son. Spartan arms could enforce the sanction which the Olympian Zeus gave to the oaths of the amphictyones, whose federal bond was symbolized by common worship at his shrine. Shrine in a sentence 1. At the foot of the hill stands a torii marking a shrine. Some aspect of the shrine room was apparently keeping the unhealthy spiral at bay. In Phoenicia, a similar significance was enjoyed by the shrine of Astarte, on the richly-watered source of the river Adonis, till, as late as the 4th century after Christ, it was destroyed by Constantine the Great. French Translation of “shrine” | The official Collins English-French Dictionary online. Eastwick thus describes it (Journal of a Diplomat's Three Years' Residence in Persia, London, 1864) "The quadrangle of the shrine seemed to be about 150 paces square. Duthac (locally called Duthus), a saint of the 11th century, is believed to have been a native, and the old ruined chapel near the station is supposed to have been his shrine. The ceremonies of his worship were of the most bloodthirsty character, and hundreds of human beings were murdered annually before his shrine, their limbs being eaten by his worshippers. As the city grew, the right to so many days a year atone or other shrine (or its " gate ") descended in certain families and became a species of property which could be pledged, rented or shared within the family, but not alienated. 2. How To Use Shrine In A Sentence? About 3040 results found using 'SHRINE'. Nicolo is the so-called Oratory of Phalaris, a shrine of the 2nd century B.C., 274 ft. A cross and a shrine of St Cronan are in the churchyard. Certain of the most ancient Babylonian myths, especially that of Adapa, may also be traced back to the shrine of Ea at Eridu. This fact is again attested by Nabonidus, whose record 5 mentions that the Istar worship of Agade was later superseded by that of the goddess Anunit, another personification of the Istar idea, whose shrine was at Sippar. In a shrine sits Osiris, the ruler and judge of the dead, accompanied by forty-two assessors; and before him stands the balance on which the heart of the deceased man is to be weighed against Truth; Thoth stands behind and registers the result. His shrine and statue (see the well-known description in Propertius iv. The splendid recumbent effigies in bronze, of Italian workmanship, rest upon a tomb of black marble, and the whole is enclosed in a magnificent shrine of wrought brass. The tiles of these roofs are glazed porcelain of the most exquisite deep-blue colour, and add a conspicuous element of splendour to the shrine. The child is now fit to study the scriptures and carry out worship in the family shrine. In the precincts of a great shrine a malefactor finds a safe refuge from his pursuers and is lodged and fed, and from the security of his retreat he can arrange the ransom which is to purchase his immunity when he comes out. , Wanting to create a shrine to Elvis, the fanatic was searching for paraphernalia on the rock singer. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. The shrine was magnificently adorned with the gold and silver and jewels offered by the pious. Towards the end of the 8th century B.C. The font at Wittenberg, decorated with reliefs of the apostles, was the work of the elder Vischer, while Peter and his son produced, among other important works, the shrine of St Sebald at Nuremberg, a work of great finish and of astonishing richness of fancy in its design. 13. The dome of the shrine is plated with gold, and within the walls and roof are covered with polished silver, glass and coloured tiles. The name "mountain house" suggests a lofty structure and was perhaps the designation originally of the staged tower at Nippur, built in imitation of a mountain, with the sacred shrine of the god on the top. 836 to 892, a place of pilgrimage of the Shia Moslems, containing magnificent tombs of two of their Imams the tenth and eleventh, with another much venerated shrine of the twelfth, as well as some interesting ruins; and Bagdad. Ambra-Mariam, a fortified station midway between Gondar and Debra-Tabor near the north-east side of Lake Tsana, with a population of 3000; here is the famous shrine and church dedicated to St Mary, whence the name of the place, "Fort St Mary.". Near this domestic quarter was found a small shrine of the Double Axes, with cult objects and offertory vessels in their places. A thatched roof is imperative in the orthodox shrine, but in modern days tiles or sheets of copper are sometimes substituted. Kmba, Kaaba, or Kaabeh, the sacred shrine of Mahommedanism, containing the "black stone," in the middle of the great mosque at Mecca. We use cookies on our website to give you the most relevant experience by remembering your preferences and repeat visits. Sabazius was identified with Adonis or Attis (Atys), Cybele with the Syrian goddess; and many of the coarsest rites of the Phrygian worship, the mutilation of the priests, the prostitution at the shrine, 5 came from the countries of the south-east. (1901), 49,334, including an exceptional number of pilgrims. St Fillan 's cave shrine is near Pittenweem harbor. There is also chance that the Obelisk was sited on an ancient henge or shrine. Examples of Shrine in a sentence The young man had a shrine dedicated to his favorite football player. On a Greek vase-painting the snake is the vehicle of the wrath of Athene, even as Chryse, another local " maiden," had a snake-guardian of a shrine which she sent against Philoctetes.'. The island has a shrine that is popular with Taiwanese tourists. Looking for sentences and phrases with the word shrine? He was buried close to the cabin in which he had died, but his body was later transferred to Malacca, and thence to Goa, where it still lies in a magnificent shrine (see J. St Canute's shrine was a great resort of pilgrims throughout the middle ages. A cyber reconstruction of the world's largest Buddhist shrine. Thus Diodorus Siculus, using Ctesias, tells how she fell in love with a youth who was 823 worshipping at the shrine of Aphrodite, and by him became the mother of Semiramis, the Assyrian queen, and how in shame she flung herself into a pool at Ascalon or Hierapolis and was changed into a fish (W. Puri district is rich in historical remains, from the primitive rock-hewn caves of Buddhism - the earliest relics of Indian architecture - to the medieval sun temple at Kanarak and the shrine of Jagannath. Besides these may be mentioned the church of St Pantaleon, a 13th-century structure, with a monument to Theophano, wife of the emperor Otto II. In the same spirit, he established a new shrine of Vesta Augusta within the palace, a private cult at first, but destined to be a serious rival of the ancient worship in the forum. All this part of the mosque (shrine) was built by Shah Abbas. Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. Build a small personal shrine or a large Temple ! Pop. He was succeeded by Wini, bishop of Winchester, and then came Earconuald (or St Erkenwald), whose shrine was one of the chief glories of old St Paul's. In 1568, at the time of the religious troubles, they were transferred to the cathedral of Meaux, where his shrine may still be seen in the sacristy. Afghans feed pigeons at the Shrine of Hazrat Ali in Mazar-i-Sharif, northern Afghanistan, Thursday, Sept. 3. Visiting the Shrine of the " Iberian Mother of God ". Those who seek wisdom at the shrine will find it. How to use shrines in a sentence. It was the shrines that differed. 2. A really acceptable prayer, he taught, can only have reference to a virtuous and devout mind: God is best worshipped in the shrine of the heart by the desire to know and obey Him. I) was riot the shrine where Samuel made his headquarters (I Sam. The most conspicuous feature was a huge obelisk on a broad superstructure 11: the obelisk always remained closely connected with the solar worship, and probably took the place of the innermost shrine and statue of other temples. Just outside of the wall of the western city lies the tomb and shrine of Ma`ruf Karkhi, dating from A.D. The name of the council (pylaea) and of one set of deputies (pylagori), together with the important place held in the amphictyony by the temple of Demeter at Anthela, near Thermopylae, suggests that this shrine was the original centre of the association. While they are taking damage, your mages will continue to heal them and the Mana Shrine will recharge. Back. It had the charge of the common shrine of Venus in Lavinium. Towards the northern extremity of the range occur a group of peaks, which together form an oblong block or " massif °' amongst the neighbouring ridges known as " Kaisargarh " amongst the Sherani clansmen who occupy it; and as the " Takht-i-Suliman " (Solomon's throne), generally, on the frontier, from the fact of a celebrated shrine of that name existing near its southern abutment. 4- The patch added cursed chest and cursed shrine events. The town contains numerous temples connected with the shrine of Tirumala, and is noted for its brasswork and wood-carving. It may have absorbed the old shrine of Shiloh and been the sanctuary famous in the days of Amos and Hosea. Shrine quotes from YourDictionary: Judaism teaches us to be attached to holiness in time, to attached to sacred events, to learn how to consecrate sanctuaries that emerge from the magnificent stream of year. Examples of shrine in a sentence, how to use it. Inscriptions found by the recent excavations seem to prove that it must be identified as the shrine of the local goddess Aphaea, identified by Pausanias with Britomartis and Dictynna. Amongst the many thousands of Lingas, twelve are usually regarded as of especial sanctity, one of which, that of Somnath in Gujarat, where Siva is worshipped as" the lord of Soma,"was, however, shattered by Mahmud of Ghazni; whilst another, representing Siva as Visvesvara, or" Lord of the Universe,"is the chief object of adoration at Benares, the great centre of Siva-worship. shrines example sentences. ), and that a detailed narrative tells of the bloodthirsty though pious Danites who sacked an Ephrairriite shrine on their journey to a new home (Judges xvii. On the same side of the river, lower down, is the shrine of Abd al-Qadir al-Jilani (of Pan), founder of the Qadirite (Kadaria) sect of dervishes, also a noted place of pilgrimage. Examples of shrine in a Sentence Noun the shrine of Saint Mary They erected a shrine to the saint. Graffiti of pilgrims to the shrine of Isis are dated as late as the end of the 5th century A.D. Information and translations of shrines in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions … shrines in a sentence - Use "shrines" in a sentence 1. To start with, you almost never leave the ghetto itself - perhaps once a week to pray at the dazzling Imam Reza shrine. In Aegina, Hypereides and the others had been taken from the shrine of Aeacus. Pillars, again, had a prominent place in the court or before the shrine (nasab, ibid. Only family wreaths adorn the graveside while hundreds of floral tributes, scarves and football tops have been moved to a makeshift shrine nearby. 1. a place of worship hallowed by association with some sacred thing or person Familiarity information: SHRINE used as a noun is very rare. First, travel to the Mesa Desert to reach a Resurrection Shrine. the shrine of the goddess of Rummin, a name no doubt derived from the ancient name Lumbini. 17. Holiness is dangerous and may even involve degradation, as in the case of the Burmese para-gyoon or servitor of the pagoda who is by heredity for ever a slave and outcast, unclean of the unclean, with whom none may eat or intermarry, yet ever tending and keeping clean the shrine. The most revered shrine of all is on the south of Honshu Island at Ise Bay. Eastwick thus describes it (Journal of a Diplomat's Three Years' Residence in Persia, London, 1864) "The quadrangle of the shrine seemed to be about 150 paces square. It would considerably alter our conception of the dead Apis if we were to find that a travelling shrine of his divinity accompanied Alexander on his expedition or was set up for him in Babylon. On the summit of this artificial mountain stood, apparently, as at Ur and Eridu, a small chamber, the special shrine or abode of the god. The representations are usually ranged round the church; sometimes they are found in the open air, especially on the ascent to some elevated church or shrine. The guardian of a shrine is called mutavali, or, if the shrine is an important one with much property and many attendants, mutavali-bashi, and is not necessarily an ecclesiastic, for instance, the guardianship of the great shrine of Imam Reza in Meshed is generally given to a high court functionary or minister as a reward for long services to the state. Shrine meaning and example sentences with shrine. 2. 1 people chose this as the best definition of shrine: A container or receptacle... See the dictionary meaning, pronunciation, and sentence examples. In 2003, Mumbai demolished 1,100 illegal shrines, temples, mosques and churches. For example, Hiyoshi Shrine, also known as the Hie Shrine and the Sanno Shrine, is a general term for a group of 21 shrines as the eastern foot of Mt. In the boulevard of the Bala Khiaban is a kitchen supported by the revenues of the shrine, where 800 persons are fed daily.". Indeed there is hardly a village in India which cannot boast of a shrine dedicated to Siva, and containing the emblem of his reproductive power; for almost the only form in which the" Great God "is adored is the Linga, consisting usually of an upright cylindrical block of marble or other stone, mostly resting on a circular perforated slab. Examples of 'shrine' in a sentence shrine. The chief building is the Great Palace, the so-called "House of Minos," the excavation of which by Arthur Evans dates from 1900: a number of rooms lying round the central paved court, oriented north and south, have been identified, among them being the throne-room with some wellpreserved wall paintings and a small bathroom attached, in the north-west quarter a larger bathroom and a shrine, and residential chambers in the south and east.