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Polls or surveys can be added to your app, web site, landing page etc. Polling is useful to learn more about your

Landing pages

What is a landing page? Why is it used? How do you house, where, how? Landing pages are often used to promote your product, business or app. Typically other promotional materials may refer your prospect to another location for more information such as a web site.

Google and Apple stores

What’s needed for a submission to Google or Apple? Well I guess the first thing that’s needed is an account with Google and Apple and an app to submit. We can you with both.Both Apple and Google require application and support fees. Acceptance as a publisher can be a bit of a hurdle and requires […]


Launched Barcode Generator. Generate FREE barcode images in over 80 popular 1D and 2D barcode formats. 1D barcodes are read in 1 direction, left to right/right to left.